An 8-month-old girl dies in Paris in her stroller. Reminder from our pediatricians to avoid accidents

An 8-month-old girl dies in Paris in her stroller.  Reminder from our pediatricians to avoid accidents

Monday, December 18, an 8-month-old baby died during a stroller ride. His 3-year-old brother allegedly pulled the ties of his hat accidentally, stopping his breathing. A tragedy which should remind us that even a simple walk must be prepared in complete safety.

It was a silent and chilling drama that occurred on Monday December 18 in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. While walking an 8-month-old girl and her 3-year-old brother in a double stroller, a childminder noticed that the infant was no longer breathing.

The brother pulled on the hat lace

The little girl was “all white and inanimate” reports The Parisian. The childminder, accompanied by his mother, called the emergency services, who were unable to revive the baby on the spot. According to a press release from the Minor Protection Brigade of the national police, the early childhood professional “became aware that the three-year-old brother was pulling on the woolen hat of his eight-month-old little sister, sitting in front, and in particular on the lace which held this hat to her neck. causing respiratory arrest.

An investigation for “manslaughter by manifestly deliberate violation of an obligation of safety or prudence” was opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office.

What advice for a safe ride?

Outdoors as well as at home, even during a mundane event like a walk, little ones can be victims of domestic accidents. And this tragedy only serves as a reminder of the importance of supervision when caring for a child who is not aware of the danger. Consulted on the subject, Dr Jean-Louis Chabernaud, pediatric resuscitator, details the frequent risks that we think too little about when it comes to walking.

Avoid anything that is rope or lace that the child can catch

“This case reminds me of the danger of anything that has a cord, within reach of a baby or even a slightly older child. A danger that we often see with blind cords, in living rooms. Children can play, surround themselves or even suffocate with it, without being aware of the risk. This is also the case with a necklace, or here the lace of a hat. Likewise, we will avoid anything that the child could handle and carry around his neck or in his mouth.

Check the stroller attachments

But other dangers, which must be anticipated, come into play when taking a walk or traveling.

“I am also and above all thinking of strollers and fastening systems, which if poorly attached do not protect the child from a fall. Also pay attention to the brake which, if not properly engaged, on a surface that is not flat may cause an accident with a child stuck in the carrycot.

Do not leave a car seat/cozy seat unattended

Finally, the emergency doctor points out that car seats, which can be taken out of the car, attached to the stroller or carried around the house, are also at the heart of many accidents: “We are not careful enough, we place the seat on a table, or on the bed, while taking the time to put on his coat, to put down his shopping. However, on a table, or at a height, the child can fall and be victim of trauma. On a bed, if it is a little larger it can move and end up under the seat, the airways on the sheet or the mattress. And no one sees or hears it.” he continues, emphasizing adult vigilance.

A priority rule outside as well as inside, supervision of your child

Also contacted, pediatrician Anna Boctor said she was horrified by this news item, but above all targeted a lack of monitoring. “The problem is more complex than an item, a hat, which is not suitable. Of course, above all, it is a question of using common sense and not giving anything dangerous to a child, with which he or she could choke. But we can’t make everything 100% secure in life or make parents feel guilty about every item of clothing purchased. On the other hand, we can do our best to monitor the child for whom we are responsible, by keeping him in our sight. When you go for a walk, you watch your child. What is serious here is not the cap tied under the child’s neck, it is the fact that the nanny was not vigilant enough to notice the danger.