Veganuary: 10 tips for reducing your meat consumption

Veganuary: 10 tips for reducing your meat consumption

You may be familiar with Dry January, which involves not drinking alcohol at all during the month of January. Well in the same vein, there is also the veganuary. As the name suggests, this is a new trend that involves avoiding meat and animal foods and instead adopting a vegan diet. Here are ten tips from Alexandra Murcier to meet this challenge!

January is traditionally the month of good resolutions. While some people want to follow Dry January and become sober for a month, others will want to learn to eat less (or even more) meat. Here are some tips, from Alexandra Murcier, to get it right.

Replace butter with oilseed purees

Butter is a very rich product of animal origin. As an alternative, it is possible to opt for oilseed purees, such as peanuts, for example. “They will be less rich in saturated fatty acids and richer in proteins” notes the dietician.

Use legumes instead of meat

This can be useful for making plant-based steaks.” explains Alexandra Murcier. “We can, for example, use red beans“.

Testing textured soy proteins

Textured soy protein, made from soy flour, can be used to make meat-like dishes. “They can be used to replace chicken, for example, in certain recipes.” advises the expert.

Replace milk or crème fraîche with plant-based milks

Alexandra Murcier recommends almond or soy milks, but also vegetable rice or soy creams, for cooking. “These products are much lighter and more digestible” indicates the specialist.

Adapt traditional dishes into a vegan version

By using these tips, you can adapt traditional dishes that you love, such as lasagna, or chili con carne, into a vegan version. Enough to make a smooth transition!

Consume whole grains

The dietitian reminds us that we must not forget whole grains, which “can help meet our protein needs, much more than refined grains“.

Using oilseeds as a snack

Almonds, walnuts, pistachios or cashews are foods “which will provide Omega 3 to replace fish” underlines the expert. Don’t hesitate to make small mixtures as a snack during the day.

Use oils rich in omega 3

Whether it’s flaxseed, rapeseed or walnut oil, you have the choice to stock up on omega 3 in your dishes, replacing fish. confides the specialist again.

Gradually reduce your consumption of animal products

Rather than having a month of Veganuary, it is possible to gradually reduce your consumption of foods of animal origin and last longer.” advises Alexandra Murcier.

Motivate yourself together

If it is a challenge that is important to you, the specialist advises you to do it in a group: it will become a challenge that you will want to succeed!

How to choose the right plant-based steaks?

Slide: How to choose the right plant-based steaks?