An effective method for hair growth? Just a teaspoon of this spice is enough

An effective method for hair growth?  Just a teaspoon of this spice is enough

Hair loss and loss of volume are quite a common problem. We often hope that it is a matter of the autumn solstice and look for simple solutions. Homemade masks and lotions can be effective. However, it is worth treating the scalp quite gently and not overdoing the experiments.

An effective method for hair growth?  Just a teaspoon of this spice is enough

The scalp is quite sensitive, so when looking for the right solutions, it is worth focusing on natural ingredients. However, we cannot always afford ecological and often quite expensive cosmetics, so an interesting and effective substitute may be a certain spice used in the form of a lotion.

Ceylon cinnamon for hair? Learn the secret of the spice

We associate cinnamon mainly with apple pie or other delicacies. However, its use is very wide and definitely goes beyond kitchen experiments. Ceylon cinnamon is the ground bark of Cinnamonum cassia. The spice has been considered a natural medicine and cosmetic for centuries.

Chinese scientists conducted research to determine how cinnamon leaf extract affects hair growth in mice. The rodents’ hair was partially shaved and then completely depilated using a calcium thioglycolate solution. The mice were sprayed with cinnamon leaf extract every day and observed for 30 days.

The mice were photographed and their hair condition was compared every day. The results showed that the best results were achieved with an extract concentration of 0.5 to 1 percent. The study authors note that human skin samples also responded positively to the preparation.

The observations show that intense hair growth occurred on the 14th day of the treatment, and the development of a fully healthy hair shaft was recorded on the 30th day of the experiment. As the scientists emphasize, the results suggest that cinnamon leaf extract may be used in the treatment of hair loss.

Homemade hair growth lotion. Use cinnamon

In the described studies, specialists noted that the extract contained mainly cinnamaldehyde and a small amount of cinnamic acid. As we know, the mentioned aldehyde is also present in the bark of Ceylon cinnamon, so it is worth using the homemade spice for daily care.


  • a teaspoon of cinnamon,
  • 250 ml (glass), boiled, lukewarm water,
  • 250 ml to dilute the lotion,
  • a clean bottle with a spray tip or pipette.

A method of preparing:

Pour warm, boiled water into the pot, add cinnamon and mix thoroughly. Cover with a plate and set aside for about 10 minutes. After this time, add another 250 ml of warm water, mix and pour into a bottle. Spray thoroughly the entire scalp of a washed and slightly dried head.

Rub the mixture with your hands in circular motions. You can also apply the cinnamon preparation to the scalp using a pipette. Leave the lotion on overnight. You can wash your hair in the morning if you feel it is necessary. Repeat the treatment every day for a month.