Massive milk recall throughout Europe, are your packs affected?

Massive milk recall throughout France, are your packs affected?

1L and 1.5L milk bottles from Viva, Grandlait, Silhouette and Candia Maxi pack are recalled throughout Europe. The cause: a lack of taste and odor.

If you like to drink milk, cold or hot, flavored or not, this article is for you. Indeed, many milk bottle references are subject to recall, as mentioned on the Rappel Conso website.

Bottles of different sizes recalled

The bottles concerned are of different brands and different formats. For example, we find Viva milk bottles, in 1L and 1.5L formats, but also the brands Grandlait, Silhouette, and Candia Maxi pack.

The different references were sold in packs of 4, 6, 8 or 10 bottles, in the following stores: Auchan, Intermarché, Francap, Leclerc, Carrefour, Système U, Provera, Métro, Casino (Casino, Vival, Spar), Monoprix , Proxy, Maximode the whole of Europe. For details of the batches concerned, you can consult the list on the Rappel Conso website.

A lack of taste and smell

If these bottles are recalled throughout Europe, it is due to a problem with the taste and odor of the product. According to the Rappel Conso website, this product recall follows the report of numerous consumers, who complained.

The site recommends that consumers no longer drink the milk, but destroy it or return it to the point of sale where it will be exchanged for a reduction voucher. A telephone number,, has been set up to answer the various questions that consumers may have. The end date for the recall procedure is December 20, 2023.