Anti-cellulite muds: what they are, how to apply them, benefits and results, which ones are the best on the market

Anti-cellulite muds: what they are, how to apply them, benefits and results, which ones are the best on the market

The anti-cellulite mud is a treatment which is applied in the form of a compress on various parts of the body, such as the abdomen, legs and buttocks.

The mud is spread directly on the skin and left to act for about 20-30 minutes or more, and then, at the end, the mixture is rinsed off with plenty of hot water.

The benefits deriving from mud therapy, as we will see, are the result of the union between the active ingredients contained in the trace elements, in the thermal water and in the clay that make up the mud itself.

Anti-cellulite muds: what are they and how do they act on the body?

They are one of the most effective healing methods against cellulite blemishes.

Composed of thermal water, trace elements and a clay component, these treatments have the aim of activating circulation, eliminating toxins, draining excess liquids which are retained above all on the legs, hips and abdomen, and reducing inflammation to heal cellulite.

The latter is one of the most common blemishes in women of childbearing age, and is characterized by orange peel skin.

How is it formed? When the fatty tissue accumulates in the subcutaneous layer, it also traps the water and in this way this blemish is formed.

To combat cellulite, however, mud alone is not enough since it is necessary to intervene on several fronts, in addition to beauty treatments, it is necessary to combine a healthy diet and constant sporting activity.

If you are interested in the topic, discover our in-depth analysis: how to fight cellulite.

Types of sludge

There are different types of mud that differ in the clay they contain, which can be:

  • Bianca.
  • Rosa.
  • Rossa
  • Green (the latter is usually the most used for beauty treatments).

As far as the chemical composition is concerned, anti-cellulite muds are essentially composed of a solid part, precisely clay, which if it comes from the spring is left to mature for a long time by mixing it with mineral or thermal water.

In this way, the clay grains absorb the microorganisms contained in the water and are transformed into mud suitable for mud therapy.

Based on the type of water and the trace elements that compose it, the mud is divided into the following types:

  • Sulfurous.
  • Chlorinated, the one most used in spas.
  • Ferruginous.
  • Iodate.

In the case of seaweed therapy, dried seaweed is also added to the pack during the maturation process.

Specifically, the anti-cellulite muds consist of:

  • A solid part, which includes clay.
  • An organic part (bacteria, algae).
  • A liquid part formed by thermal waters rich in precious substances, with which the mud remains in contact for a long time and on which it feeds.
  • The active part with functional anti-cellulite principles, such as centella asiatica, horse chestnut and ivy.

Hot or cold mud?

Another important distinction concerns the “temperature” of the sludge, which can vary according to the type and desired action.

  • Cold muds: this type contrasts cellulite but has a more toning and refreshing effect, given by the presence of clay and refreshing extracts.
  • Hot muds: these are recommended in case of oedematous and deep cellulite, because they have an osmotic effect which favors the drainage of liquids, improving circulation and increasing perspiration.

Properties and benefits of anti-cellulite mud

It is a very effective and increasingly requested aesthetic treatment to counteract cellulite blemishes.

The reason is simple: the detoxifying and draining properties of the mud are ideal for carrying out a powerful drainage of liquids, which are retained in the tissues and which are the main cause of orange peel skin.

Applied to the legs, thighs, buttocks and belly, the active ingredients contained in the anti-cellulite mud are absorbed by the skin through a process of osmosis, reactivating the microcirculation and stimulating the metabolism of the fat cells.

An excellent ally against cellulite is Guam Seaweed Mud which exploits the benefits of Guam seaweed and, in the FIR version, also those of Far Infrared Rays. These are totally natural and act in synergy with the mineral tourmaline ensuring an effective result against blemishes.

Mud is therefore an excellent ally to cure this blemish. Let’s find out closely what the main benefits of anti-cellulite mud are.

Drainage of excess liquids

The anti-cellulite mud can promote the drainage of liquids, through the trace elements they contain, which are able to increase body temperature, perspiration and circulation.

This process favors the drainage of accumulated liquids, gives a feeling of greater lightness and can decrease the circumference of the legs, hips and abdomen.

Reactivation of microcirculation

The sludge is able to reactivate the microcirculation. As? Thanks to the heat of the clay and the essential oils, the mud performs a vasotonic action, which increases capillary tone, facilitating the absorption of oedema.

They stimulate the metabolism of fat cells

As mentioned above, the trace elements found in the anti-cellulite mud promote perspiration and increase body temperature, further stimulating the metabolism of fat cells and the expulsion of excess toxins.

They improve skin texture

The muds contain microgranules which perform a scrub-like effect and are able to make the skin softer, smoother and more elastic.

This action depends on the clay component, which is able to oxygenate the tissues and drain excess liquids.

How to apply anti-cellulite mud

If you are wondering how to apply anti-cellulite mud, here are our instructions for use.

  • Prepare and oxygenate the skin: the first step is to prepare the skin to receive all the benefits of the anti-cellulite mud. Then, do a scrub to open pores and remove dead skin cells. After that, rinse the skin and, at this point, apply the mud on clean skin.
  • Apply the mud: spread the mud on the areas to be treated, such as the stomach, hips and legs. After that, massage with circular movements in order to penetrate and absorb all the beneficial substances. Now you can wrap the parts covered with mud with cling film.
  • Amplify the sauna effect: you can also use a cartene protective sheath, which can amplify the sauna effect. At this point, relax, leaving it on for about 15-40 minutes. After the laying time, rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Post-treatment: you can increase the effectiveness of the treatment by applying an anti-cellulite gel or cream to the skin.
  • At the end of the treatment it is possible to feel a slight sensation of heat, redness, on the treated areas or itching: this is completely normal, indeed it is a sign that the treatment has been performed correctly since the skin microcirculation has been activated.

    Does sludge work? Are they effective?

    Anti-cellulite muds are widely used, but also highly appreciated for their properties and benefits on the skin, visible from the very first applications.

    Mud therapy is a treatment that you can request in the spa or even from the beautician, but keep in mind that to obtain good results you will need to book more than one session.

    If you perform the treatment at a specialized centre, we recommend about ten sessions, which should be followed by another 5-6 to maintain the results.

    Needless to hide it: the prices of mud therapy are usually quite high, due to the time required to perform a complete treatment.

    Fortunately, there are now many muds on the market that can be easily applied in your bathroom, thus carrying out a real mud therapy at home.

    To increase and amplify the effect of these products, you can also use draining gels and creams in combination.

    Another tip is to stick to a healthy and balanced diet, drink enough water and exercise constantly.

    The best anti-cellulite muds: which ones to choose and buy

    We at Tipsforwomens have selected for you a ranking of the best anti-cellulite muds, for an aesthetic treatment at home or at a beautician.

    1 – Guam seaweed mud

    Guam seaweed muds have always been the most used and appreciated on the market, also because their results have been tested at university level.

    Specifically, the product that we want to present to you today, and which has positioned itself at the top of our ranking, features an innovative system of far infrared rays (FIR) which, in synergy with the mineral tourmaline and the active ingredients of marine algae and clay, promote the drainage of liquids, activate microcirculation and give a feeling of lightness.

    These hot-effect muds increase the body temperature which, in turn, improves the microcirculation and acts on the accumulation of fat.

    It is the best product for the quality-price ratio; the package, containing 1 kg of product, which is therefore sufficient for numerous applications, costs €50, less than a professional treatment from a beautician.

    It is interesting to know that the marine algae and plant extracts (phytoextracts of fucus, horse chestnut and ivy) present in a pack of anti-cellulite Guam seaweed mud are processed according to mechanisms and extraction processes capable of keeping all the properties unaltered. and characteristics, in full respect of the environment.

    2 – Equilibra, the anti-cellulite thermal mud

    In second place in our ranking, we find Equilibra’s anti-cellulite thermal mud which, with its mix of remineralizing clays, has…