Apple body: here is the diet and the exercises to do to tone it up

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If you have an apple body here is the diet and exercises to do to tone it up and show off a screaming bikini.

Every woman has one different build and depending on where the fat accumulates or not, we can define different types of physicists. Generally we can distinguish the main ones in apple, pear, hourglass, oval and rectangle.

apple diet

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Any shape tends to have strengths and other weaknesses, that’s why it can be useful to know your body type so that you can make the most of it. We especially want to focus on apple type.

This kind of silhouette provides a more accentuated top it’s a thinner bottom. Specifically, the Apple-shaped women will tend to have broad shoulders, large breasts, but not always, thick arms, and thin legs. The strength of this type of physique are the slim legs. Let’s find out how to harmonize the apple body with diet and exercises.

Here is the diet and exercises for the apple body

Belly, arms and breasts are the critical points of women with an apple body. In these areas, in fact, fat tends to settle. Knowing your physical shape can be useful both for dressing appropriately but also to know the right diet and the most suitable workouts.

apple diet

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To be proportionate is the ultimate goal of each of us, but it is not always so easy to achieve it also because genetics plays its part. Therefore, the solution is to try as much as possible to rebalance the various parts of the body in order to make the body as harmonious as possible.

As for the diet, women with an apple-shaped body should prefer the fish that activates the metabolism and the thyroid, limiting dairy products and cheeses but also sugary foods.

The apple woman tends to gain weight on the abdomen so industrial snacks rich in additives should be avoided, which must be replaced by dried fruit for example. In addition, the so-called are important good fats such as olive oil, nuts, seeds including sunflower, pumpkin, flax, and then avocado and salmon.

Instead, it is necessary to eliminate what contains saturated fats including fried foods, particularly fatty cheeses and dairy products and very elaborate foods with heavy cooking. They are then to be avoided i refined carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta and rice, foods low in fiber that generate a glycemic spike causing the increase of fat in the belly. Better to replace them with whole foods such as barley, spelled, buckwheat and so on.

Also to be avoided sugary and carbonated drinks, as well as alcohol. Coffee and sugary cocktails should also be avoided.

On the contrary, you can consume vegetables especially crucifers rich in vitamin C, and fruit, preferring those with vitamin C.

And then also the proteins must be consumed as they help to have a good muscle mass and keep the metabolism active. In that case we choose low-fat dairy products including cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, and then fish such as salmon and tuna, and finally, eggs and turkey.

As for the exercises every physicist needs their own, in the case of the apple-shaped body, in addition to a general training to firm up the whole body, it will be necessary to eliminate centimeters from the waistline. In this case they will have to execute exercises for the hips and abdominals at least 3-4 times a week.

Also, you can think about performing yoga and pilates sessions that also help fight stress a major cause of bloated belly and abdominal fat.

As an aerobic activity you can opt for running or Nordic walking, otherwise cycling and swimming are also good.

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