Apply fruit jelly to your hair. They will look like after the treatment for PLN 600

Apply fruit jelly to your hair.  They will look like after the treatment for PLN 600

On the Internet you can find a lot of information and videos presenting hair lamination with ordinary fruit jelly powder. The composition of the jelly contains substances that give the strands smoothness, shine and softness by closing their cuticles. How to perform this procedure?

Apply fruit jelly to your hair.  They will look like after the treatment for PLN 600

In order to carry out this treatment, you need one packet of jelly, some hot water and your favorite conditioner or hair mask. The effects presented on the web are surprising. Is it worth applying hair lamination with fruit jelly? How to perform this treatment at home and who should perform it?

Lamination of hair with jelly

Hair lamination consists in covering them with a delicate, protective layer that makes them resistant to external factors such as frost, wind, sun and high temperature. The treatment makes them maximally smooth, nourished and shiny, and as a result they become strong, fluffy and look beautiful. The treatment carried out in a professional hairdressing salon gives more lasting results, but is much more expensive. People who are just starting to take care of their hair should consider laminating at home.

Jelly for the hair

Hair lamination in hairdressing salons consists, among other things, in the use of proteins that rebuild, strengthen and give elasticity to the hair. To assess whether home lamination can be effective, it is important to understand its chemical effects. Proteins can be compared to tiny bricks that fill cavities, damage and brittleness in the hair structure. They are the main building block of hair and are essential for its health and appearance. Without enough protein, hair can easily break, become frizzy and become rough and dull. The lack of protein leads to weakening of the hair and depriving it of its shine.

Food jelly typically contains several ingredients such as gelatin, sugar, citric acid, extracts and dyes. These seemingly simple ingredients, which are commonly used in various dishes, have many valuable properties and are perfect for hair care.

  • Gelatin is the main ingredient of jelly. It is a natural animal protein, rich in proteins, which is a natural building block of hair, nails and skin. Therefore, cosmetics containing gelatin have a positive effect on the structure, appearance and general condition of the hair. Hair lamination with jelly is a great way to provide strands with a large injection of proteins and strengthen their structure.
  • Sugar and honey are natural moisturizers that are easily soluble in water and act as humectants. As a result, the hair is moisturized and weighed down, and the closed hair cuticles maintain the moisturizing effect for a longer time. Hair treated with humectants becomes smooth, fluffy and pleasant to the touch. Therefore, jelly for hair can be a great way to moisturize strands.
  • Citric acid – chelation. Hair’s natural pH is acidic (around 3.5). Proper acidification is necessary to keep your hair in good condition. Chelation, i.e. the use of citric acid, helps to close the cuticles of the hair and protect all the valuable ingredients inside it. Most often, rinses based on apple cider vinegar or citric acid are used for this purpose. Jelly containing citric acid can work great as a nourishing, moisturizing and closing hair cuticle.

Hair lamination with jelly recipe

Hair lamination with jelly creates a thin, protective layer on their surface, which makes them thicker, denser and more weighted down. Nourished hair shines beautifully, is smooth and soft to the touch. Thanks to the content of proteins, humectants and citric acid, which close the cuticles, the strands are well-groomed and smooth.

Although hair lamination with jelly at home may seem complicated, it is actually very easy to carry out and does not differ much from standard hair care with a mask. The entire process only takes about an hour. How to perform this procedure?

To prepare the mixture you need:

  • 1 pack of jelly powder
  • 5 tablespoons of hot water
  • your favorite conditioner or hair mask
  • bowls and spoons
  • foil cap
  • towel

Combine jelly with hot water in equal proportions and mix thoroughly to dissolve all lumps. When the mixture has cooled down a bit, add a portion of conditioner or hair mask. If lumps appear, heat the whole thing in a water bath until a smooth consistency is obtained.

Shampoo your hair, rinse thoroughly and dry with a towel, leaving it slightly damp. Gently comb the strands and apply the prepared mixture with jelly. Avoid applying it too close to the scalp – just spread it along the length of the hair, below the ear line. After applying the jelly, put on a foil cap. Wrap a towel so that the active ingredients can work under the influence of heat.

Leave the jelly on your hair for about 30-45 minutes and rinse the mixture thoroughly from your hair. Make sure there is no lump of jelly left on the strands.

It is worth remembering that lamination of hair with jelly should not be carried out too often. Optimal intervals are once every two weeks, and the effect lasts up to about three washes. Excessive use of the treatment can lead to overproteining of the hair and excessive stiffness.