This trick will give you beautiful, thick hair. Not only coffee lovers will love it

This trick will give you beautiful, thick hair.  Not only coffee lovers will love it

Most of us cannot imagine a morning without a cup of small black coffee. Doctors have been reporting its beneficial effects on our health for years. Now we have one more reason to love coffee – it works great for our hair.

Coffee grounds to prepare hair conditioner

Coffee properties

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. For 56% of Poles, drinking coffee before leaving home is a morning ritual.

Its lovers appreciate the smell and aroma of the infusion of coffee tree beans. And although for years it was believed that the caffeine contained in coffee has a bad effect on the human body, research has shown that the opposite is true.

Consumed in reasonable amounts, it can bring beneficial effects in the case of many chronic diseases, including the cardiovascular system, type 2 diabetes and obesity, as well as diseases of the nervous system and cancer. Those who are not convinced by these advantages may look at coffee more favorably after hearing about its sensational effect on beauty.

Is coffee good for your hair?

Recent reports say about the beneficial effects of coffee on the skin and hair. It turns out that the plant chemical compounds contained in it, including caffeine, are very well absorbed through the skin, thanks to which they also work when used externally.

Therefore, coffee has found its application in cosmetology. American dermatologist Lisa Pfingstler confirms that coffee has the power to fight dandruff, nourish hair and even increase its thickness.

She cites clinical studies that tested the effects of coffee applied directly to the hair: “Studies have shown that caffeine penetrates the skin barrier very quickly and easily, making it ideal for topical application,” she explains. The specialist adds that when applied topically, coffee can act on the hair “up to 24 hours”.

How to make coffee conditioner for hair?

To take advantage of the care properties of coffee, we do not have to go to the drugstore. We can do it at home. Especially since the method is simple. It is enough to prepare an appropriate mask from the coffee grounds, which, after application, can nourish the scalp and hair. We can do this in two ways.

Mix three tablespoons of coffee grounds with one tablespoon of almond oil and aloe vera gel. The prepared conditioner is applied to the scalp and hair. Leave for 20 minutes and then wash off.

Another version of a natural coffee hair mask is three tablespoons of coffee grounds mixed with one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of unsweetened yogurt.

In this case, we also apply the mask for 20 minutes, then wash the head. The time when our mask is absorbed into the hair to add shine, we can use to relax over a cup of a little black coffee.

After such treatments, our hair will certainly become visibly stronger and thicker, and we will improve our well-being.