Are you always hungry? Here are the protein and satiating ideas to enjoy when on a diet

idee proteiche sazianti

When you are on a diet, the desire to eat good foods that are satiating at the same time is really strong. Fortunately, it is a dream that can be realized by choosing the right dishes.

If you too are among those who fear hunger in a particular way on a diet, now is the time to relax. In fact, there are several particularly tasty dishes that you can enjoy from breakfast to dinner in order to satiate yourself with taste and all without having pangs of hunger.

satiating protein ideas

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The trick is in the choose foods that are rich in protein and that also contain greedy ingredients. In this way you can in fact silence both physical and nervous hunger and all by losing weight in total serenity. Here, then, are some ideas from which to take inspiration for meals and snacks that are protein and able to satiate you with taste.

Ideas of dishes rich in proteins and all to be enjoyed

Having dishes that you can refer to when on a diet is always very important both to enjoy something good and to satiate without eating too much.

satiating protein ideas

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These are small wild cards able to make the diet much easier and more pleasant to follow and all without feeling the weight which, especially in summer, can become suffocating. A path that thanks to the right ideas will instead be pleasant and easy to follow and that obviously it will be revised according to your personal needs and if you are followed by a nutritionist (always recommended), with the referring doctor.

Greek yogurt with fresh and dried fruit

A meal rich in protein is undoubtedly one based on Greek yogurt. Choosing one without sugar and adding fresh fruit and haste makes it particularly pleasant and at the same time satiating and energizing. Depending on the amount you choose to eat, you can use it as a breakfast, snack or main meal. What matters, of course, is to make sure you always eat the right amount so that you are well satisfied and recharge your batteries.

Omelette with Parmesan flakes

Let’s stay on the subject of breakfasts or brunches but also of lunches and dinners to be enjoyed. A good omelette is always the ideal choice and can be accompanied by wholemeal bread. The result will be a rich and tasty meal that you can eat at any time and that goes well with the diet without appearing dietetic. The right choice to share with friends or guests without having to prepare separate dishes. Which, let’s face it, never pleases.

Pasta with zucchini and salmon cream

If pasta is one of your favorite dishes to the point of not wanting to give it up even when you are on a diet, you can opt for a short wholemeal pasta to be seasoned with zucchini and salmon. Tasting it will help you to satisfy your need for pasta and at the same time it will satisfy you thanks to the contribution of proteins and fibers. All this for a first that you can also make for others and that will always be highly appreciated.

The salad with eggs, beets and nuts is among the protein and satiating ideas

Another unique dish that you can offer everyone and that will always be appreciated is that of the salad with eggs, beets and walnuts. Healthy, fresh and particularly nutritious, it can be enjoyed with the addition of strips of bresaola or with tuna. The result will still be pleasant and all to be tasted and it will help you not to feel the weight of the diet in any way. It also won’t weigh you down, which makes this meal particularly good for days when you know you need to work or move a lot.

Salmon rolls with quark and dried fruit

Another super protein and delicious meal is that of salmon rolls with quark and dried fruit or, alternatively, rocket. It is a delicacy that you can enjoy both as an appetizer and as a main dish to be associated perhaps with salad. In this way you will not feel in the least on a diet and you will be able to enjoy something particularly delicious.

The light toast

A light version of toast can be made in a protein and tasty way. To do this, just use wholemeal bread and stuff it with a double dressing. The trick is to choose lean sliced ​​meat such as turkey and to add low-fat or light cheese (such as mozzarella or light emmenthal). So you will have both a delicious breakfast and a lunch to eat when you are out. And all without feeling at fault compared to those who are not on a diet. The flavor, in fact, will be very good as well as the taste experience given by eating your toast.

Chicken nuggets with lemon

Another simple, super protein meal is lemon chicken nuggets. Fresh, summery and excellent with any side dish, they will help you make the most of the summer and do it eating something that is good and that it never makes you feel on a diet. A nice alternative to be enjoyed.

With these simple ideas you will be able to fully enjoy something good and that once experienced you will want to fully include in your weekly menu. What matters is never to overdo the quantities and always choose first choice ingredients which, for this reason, will make every dish tastier. In this way, by adding light alternatives to ice cream to these dishes, your diet will flow so smoothly that it is finished even before you realize you have really followed it.

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