Artist Nikita Makarov released a collection of ceramics “Mysterious Forest”

Artist Nikita Makarov released a collection of ceramics “Mysterious Forest”

The “Mysterious Forest” collection includes the author’s interpretations of fairy-tale characters, including flying hares, the Frog Princess, Lord Dragon, and the wolf goat. Nikita Makarov created not only individual sculptures, but also decorated boxes, decorative objects and serving items with them.

“A couple of years ago I realized that European gaming culture and the characteristics of many decorative crafts have been undeservedly forgotten and are fraught with enormous potential,” says the artist.

Photo: press service

Makarov’s collection was first presented at the All-European Museum of Decorative Arts, and later at major art fairs, including Cosmoscow. You can see and purchase works from the “Mysterious Forest” collection in the online gallery Most of the work is made to order.

Nikita Makarov became famous for his paintings painted in tempera on a wooden base, which depict city landscapes and landscape views of Europe and the European hinterland. This series of paintings was exhibited at the Pushkin Museum. Pushkin, MOIRE, MMOMA, in galleries in New York and Paris, and then sold to private collections.

In working on this series, Makarov used the technique of medieval painting, which he supplemented with the ideas of French post-impressionism and American modernism, the prominent representatives of which are Pierre Bonnard, Georges Seurat and Edward Hopper.

“In art there are always themes left by great masters, to which you want to return and which you want to follow, being inspired by them and interpreting them,” comments the author.