Astounding, with this two-finger massage you erase the wrinkles from your forehead forever

There is a surefire way to say goodbye to wrinkles on your forehead forever: it’s the DIY massage. Here’s how it’s done.

Not everyone knows which one of the best methods to have a face that is always young is massage, which can also be done independently.

wrinkle massage

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The its properties are many, therefore it should be performed every day for at least 5 – 10 minutes.

This, in fact, manages to relax all the facial muscles, on which most of the stress is generally concentrated and which are however also conditioned by our facial expressions (we laugh, cry, etc., etc.).

Furthermore stimulates blood circulation: in this way, our complexion will be healthier, the skin will appear compact and luminous.

The massage then improves the lymphatic system, therefore we will have less swelling in the critical areas of our face – such as bags under the eyes for example – and we will also eliminate the body fluids that accumulate in the tissues especially during the night.

And it doesn’t end there, because it also has a detoxifying action, therefore it allows us to eliminate the toxins that accumulate over the years and helps to stimulate collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, thus making our face much more toned.

Finally, the massage cleanses the skin and helps us eliminate various impurities and sebum from our face (which makes our skin shiny).

In short, it is clear that the benefits of facial massage are so many, but how can we do it correctly to eliminate wrinkles from our forehead (and not only)? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The DIY massage will allow you to say goodbye to the wrinkles on your forehead forever

To make a perfect face massage and say goodbye to wrinkles on our forehead (and not only), first of all we must specify that we should help ourselves with an oil.

wrinkle massage

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Which? The best are, for example, the rosehip oil, that of argan, but also that of jojoba (which also has a soothing action), that of hemp (which is also moisturizing), or that of avocado (which is a perfect anti-aging).

Having said that, how can we do our face massage to greet imperfections forever, have a very bright face and look younger?

First, speaking specifically of the upper part of the face, you will have to start massaging the center of your forehead, first from the bottom (i.e. from the height of the eyebrows, so to speak) to the top (i.e. up to the hairline) and then horizontally (therefore from one side of the forehead to the other).

Then you will have to proceed with larger movements, therefore you will have to use not only your fingers, but your whole hand.

Basically, you will have to use it all and repeat the same horizontal movements: the difference will be that in this case you will take a larger area of ​​your face.

In the latter case in practice you will go to follow some of the so-called Langer lines, which are found all over the face, therefore also on the cheeks, chin and even the neck.

To enhance the effect of the self-massage you could also continue following them all and therefore not limiting yourself only to the forehead.

You will basically have to repeat the same movements – so both bottom-up and side-to-side – all over the rest of the face. To these you can also add circular ones, just as useful.

Then there is also the lymphatic drainage self-massage, which will help you eliminate water retention.

In any case, this is a decidedly low cost alternative even to all the non-cheap products that exist on the anti-aging market.