At work, motivation often flags in the middle of the afternoon

At work, motivation often flags in the middle of the afternoon

Whether at the office or at home, it is not uncommon to see your energy level fluctuate during the workday. If the famous “slump” often occurs after the lunch break, it would be particularly pronounced later in the afternoon.

This drop in motivation and productivity would occur at 3 p.m., if we are to believe an American survey* relayed by the Study Finds site. It would last almost 29 minutes. Some 21% of respondents say they feel ready to take a dip during the afternoon, while 74% say it could happen at any time during their workday.

It is interesting to note that active people attribute this “sluggishness” to several factors, including the lack of caffeine (56%). It has been proven that coffee has many benefits for the body, if consumed in moderation. This beverage delays falling asleep while improving, in the short term, cognitive performance (memory, attention span, etc.).

The workers surveyed also believe that boredom has a big impact on their motivation and productivity (53%), as does lack of food (51%). That’s why many of them try to regain energy for the rest of their workday by exercising or snacking. Their favorite anti-fatigue foods? Nuts and dried fruits, mini pretzels and chips.

Generally speaking, employees are convinced that it is easy to fight against the afternoon “slump”. Whether by taking a break to clear your mind, or avoiding overly repetitive professional tasks. But surprisingly, only 47% take a nap to recharge their batteries and be more productive. However, 41% of working people blame their lack of energy on lack of sleep.

This shows to what extent rest is still a taboo concept in the world of work. Employers are increasing the number of initiatives around diet or physical exercise to promote the well-being of their employees, but few of them are working on sleep. Companies have set up nap areas in their premises, however they still remain in the minority. However, if managers want their employees to be more productive, they would benefit from tackling the famous mid-day slump.

*This survey was conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of the company Second Nature Snacks, among 2,000 Americans. Data was collected between November 7 and 8, 2023.

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