Galette: 5 tips from a nutritionist to make it healthier

Galette: 5 tips from a nutritionist to make it healthier

The famous tradition of the galette des rois is approaching! As its traditional recipe is very rich in lipids, Alexandra Murcier, nutritionist, suggests making it healthier. Check out his advice.

On January 6, we celebrate Epiphany, it’s time to taste the essential galette des rois. Where does this tradition come from? It comes from the Christian religion and corresponds to the meeting between the Three Wise Men and the child Jesus, born twelve days before. In the traditional recipe, the galette des Rois is made up of puff pastry, containing delicious frangipane. However, most of its foods are fatty and you should eat this pastry in moderation! Fortunately, nutritionist Alexandra Murcier offers you alternatives to make it healthier and lighter. Discover his advice.

1) Replace the almond cream

Typical of French cuisine, almond cream or amandine cream is a preparation found in several pastries. This is the case with the galette des rois: it is usually found in frangipane. However, the nutritionist recalls: “IThis is a fairly high-calorie cream. To lighten your preparation and make it healthier, you can instead use only pastry cream“.

2) Replace the butter

Still to make your galette des rois lighter, the expert’s second tip is the following: “Opt for liquid cream or fromage blanc instead of butter“. Some versions of cottage cheese contain 0% fat. Ideal option for a light recipe! Even without being so “light”, cottage cheese remains a healthy and low-calorie ingredient compared to butter.

3) Use brick sheet

According to our expert: “Finner and containing less flour, the brick sheet is a lower-calorie alternative to puff pastry”. So it can be interesting to make your pancake less heavy and healthier. Another option is to make your own puff pastry:The good thing is that you can choose your ingredients and their quantity. For example, you can opt for whole wheat flour.

4) Use only part of the egg

Another idea from the nutritionist is to use only one part of the egg. Indeed, egg yolk is known for its high cholesterol levels. It can then present risks for cardiovascular health. Alexandra Murcier then suggests: “You can use just the egg white for a lighter result.

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5) Reduce the proportion of sugar

Finally, one last tip is to add less sugar than in the original recipe. Alexandra Murcier adds: “In most dessert recipes, you can reduce the sugar content by 30% without losing the sweetness.”.

Now you know how to make a delicious galette des rois in a healthy way. Up to you !