Bach flowers and stress: the most effective anti-stress flowers

Bach flowers and stress: the most effective anti-stress flowers

Bach flowers are flower essences intended to improve emotional and mental well-being. Discovered by Doctor E. Bach, elixirs are now enjoying growing success, at a time when the French are turning to natural remedies to combat their stress.

Definition and benefits of Bach flowers

THE Bach flowers are floral elixirs to help better manage your emotions. Edward Bach, doctor, scientist and researcher, was convinced that the person's state of mind was decisive in triggering disorders. An unresolved problem ultimately leads to immune weakness. However, land in poor condition gives rise to an illness.

“In the 1930s, Edward Bach focused his research on plants, which are natural products allowing rapid action on the causes and psychological state of patients, without triggering side effects.explains Gérard Wolf, Bach Flower therapist. The British doctor then found 38 flowers or plants capable of acting on an emotional and psychological level. His wish is also that each person can treat certain ailments without going through too many intermediaries. Edward Bach, first a bacteriologist then a homeopath, explored numerous possibilities to develop his treatment system, always with a single objective: that everyone can act on their own sufferingthe expert tells us.

Persevering, Edward Bach developed 38 remedies in 8 years, the latter being mainly composed of wild flowers. “Flowers address the entire emotional bag of the human being, to the extent that we process the emotion felt in the present moment.”

Why choose Bach flowers: are they really effective?

THE Bach flowers have been used for almost a century, since the beginning of the discovery of their benefits in 1928. “They serve all forms of life that we know, continues Gérard Wolf. They soothe the ailments of farmed and domestic animals, and even wild animals.”.

During a situation of stress, our body produces hormones, in particular cortisol. Stress, anxiety, nervous tension or professional pressure are also contexts conducive to an increase in cortisol levels in the blood. However, the Bach flowers are stress regulatorsallowing preventive and curative care in emergency situations, thanks in particular to the product EMERGENCIES100% organic and French.

There is no scientific evidencer the effectiveness of Bach flowers, like homeopathy. On the other hand, there are extracts from clinical studies”, says Mr. Wolf. For example, a study carried out in Italy demonstrated total success in 67.8% of 115 patients treated with Bach Flowers for anxiety. Another clinical study, which took place at the University of Plymouth, demonstrated beneficial effects for treating stress in children.

“Bach flowers can be self-administered without risk. If the flowers don’t match the person, then they won’t have any action.”

Use: how to de-stress with Bach flowers?

What are the anti-stress Bach flowers? What effect do they have?

One of the anti-stress Bach flower remedies the best known is the Emergency elixir. This is a ready-to-use floral complex. The Emergency Elixir contains several original flowers, including the eleven o'clock lady, the clematis, the impatiens, the myrobalan plum tree and the helianthemum to which G. Wolf added the wild apple tree and the annual Gnavelle.

It is also interesting to understand our personality, our temperament and our character in order to create our own floral elixir. As G. Wolf explains, “the complexe anti-stress is intended to sweep away stress in the broad sense, without systematically taking into account the individual characteristics of each person. Knowing yourself well allows you to create your own complex and thus regulate the emotions that mainly pose a problem.”

From best anti-stress Bach flowers, let us quote:

  • L’aigremoine

It comforts worried people who hide behind a mask of cheerfulness. Agrimony helps you find inner peace.

  • The Oak

Oak promises a return to calm and imposes a time of rest for very, or even overly, hardworking people. This essence invites you to take a break from a busy daily life.

  • The impatient

The impatiens flower is ideal for soothing the nervous side, suffering and impulsiveness. It is appreciated by people who rush decisions and who have difficulty gaining distance and perspective.

  • The white chestnut

“White chestnut soothes a mind that goes like a merry-go-round and calms the nervous system.”

  • The pine

Pine will do the most good for people with excessive guilt and feelings of self-devaluation or self-reproach.

  • The wild apple tree

The wild apple tree allows you to find balance and inner serenity. It helps the person to accept themselves as they are, with their strengths and weaknesses.

  • The verbena

“Verbena is one of our pivotal flowers. This flower is more intended for people who experience nighttime awakenings, around 2 or 3 a.m., with a mind that tends to spin. Verbena allows you to get off the mental merry-go-round. With white chestnut, verbena helps the person to stay within their limits.”

The choice of flowers may depend on the nature of the stress : it will be different if it is a private or professional stress or even for an exam for example.

How to use and take Bach flowers (drops, spray, lozenges, etc.)?

There are many possibilities foruse of Bach flowers. “These are products with great plasticity, of which we can use a certain freedom”continues the floritherapy expert.

Pour manage stress with Bach flowersseveral options are possible:

  • Vaporization in the air: spray;
  • Skin application locale : crème, roll-on, massage ;
  • Oral route by ingestion and dilution: lozenges, drops, spray;
  • Olfactotherapy : vaporization in the air (spray) or dilution in a bath…

Everyone has their own sensitivity. For some, the vaporization Bach flowers in the atmosphere will be enough to soothe their stress. Others will choose local application on the inside of the wrists and on the temples. THE massage also has anti-stress and relaxing properties: simply mix a few drops of flowers in a vegetable massage oil, such as coconut oil or argan oil.

The oral route is generally used in people suffering from chronic stress, with long-term use, for a month or more if necessary. Bach flowers are then taken via an oral spray or in a bottle of water to drink throughout the day.

What dosage?

The dosage is indicated on the bottle and it depends on the emotions of the moment. In general, the dosage is 4 drops to dilute in a glass of water or to dissolve under the tongue, 4 times a day. For a liter of mineral waterto drink throughout the day, 12 drops are necessary.

THE anti-stress Bach flowers can be taken for prevention, in people experiencing chronic stress, difficult to manage or with a tendency to depression. Testing a natural remedy always remains a possible therapeutic option to lower stress levels.

“In cases of acute or temporary stress, taking drops as soon as you feel stressed, tense or nervous for 2 or 3 days may be enough. We can take the drops in the mouth or by self-massage directly on the skin at the level of the Solar plexus to circulate energy and regain self-esteem.”

In general, the dosage is 4 drops diluted in a glass of water or dissolved under the tongue, 4 times a day.

Which Bach flower for anxiety or anxiety?

L’aigremoine comes first in the fight against anxiety and anxiety. “These are flowers that we recommend to lively people, who are in reality sad, anxious clowns, who have difficulty showing themselves as they are. They feel that they are not worth it, and they often smoke and drink a lot of alcohol. These people hide behind a jovial mask, they flee from quarrels: they are the kings of avoidance. They make fun of everything, are loved by others despite their difficulty in getting involved. explains G. Wolf.

For people who are afraid of the unknown, of a dark future, who are negative or sad, our Bach flower expert recommends the aspen poplar.

Which Bach flower for ruminations?

For negative ruminations, the the sun is the Bach flower of reference. It offers the possibility of making people responsible for their actions. It is therefore ideal for those who victimize themselves, who find life unfair and feel bitterness and bitterness, with a complaining side.

Those who tirelessly make the same mistakes can instead choose the white chestnut budswhich make it possible to better integrate the lessons of past mistakes.

Which Bach flower to let go?

The walnut is interesting for letting go, because it is an essence allowing us to gain distance when an event happens to us, but also not to feel overwhelmed.

“For the management of emotional shocks, the eleven o'clock lady or ornithogale in umbel, a flower with six petals, will be…

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