Be careful when applying makeup. In my sights… mascara

Be careful when applying makeup.  In my sights... mascara

Many people use cosmetics every day. However, it turns out that some of them may be extremely dangerous to our health. The focus was primarily on mascaras. If some of the symptoms appear, we should be concerned.

Be careful when applying makeup.  In my sights... mascara

Makeup tools. They can be an ideal place for bacteria

Almost every woman has her favorite makeup products in her drawer or cosmetics bag. Unfortunately, it often happens that we neglect their proper hygiene. And the cosmetic bag is an ideal place for the development of various bacteria. This was confirmed by a 2019 study conducted by scientists from Aston University. According to them, beauty blenders, i.e. sponges for applying foundation, are the worst for our health. In their analysis, they proved that as many as 90 percent beauticians showed the presence of dangerous bacteria.

Unhygienic practices related to the use of cosmetic utensils, especially beauty blenders, are very disturbing. On the tested products, we found, for example, bacteria such as E.coli, the presence of which is associated with fecal contamination

– you can read in an article published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology. Researchers also found bacteria responsible for food poisoning, skin infections and urinary tract infections. However, beauty blenders had the highest rate of fungal contamination, it was as much as 59.96%. Researchers believe that this is the result of frequent soaking of sponges.

However, it doesn't stop there with beauty blenders. Trichologist Olga Poniatowska, who willingly shares her knowledge on her Instagram, warned her followers against the popular practice. This time, however, it's about diluting the mascara.

Dangerous practice with mascaras. The specialist warns

On her Instagram profile, Olga Poniatowska asked her followers if they had ever added water to their mascara. She stressed several times that this should not be done. As she explained:

Water creates an ideal bacterial environment that begins to 'germinate' in your mascara, which you then apply to your eyes. (…) If your ink is already thick, it means you need to replace it

Moreover, it is worth remembering that each mascara has its expiry date, the so-called PAO, which is usually 6 months and even if it has not thickened, it should be replaced. The expert also explained what symptoms we may encounter when it comes to mascara in which bacteria have “germinated”. This usually results in itching, tearing and irritation of the eyes.

In the comments, many women admitted that they did not necessarily add water, but more than once they added micellar fluid or eye drops. This is also not a good idea because cancer practice can lead to conjunctivitis. If our mascara is still “overdue” and has become thick, we can instead put it in a cup of warm, but not hot, water and leave it for about 10 minutes. This should help “relax” our cosmetics.

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