Can you freeze meat the day it expires? A virologist answers

Can you freeze meat the day it expires?  A virologist answers

To avoid wasting, many of us place trays of uneaten meat in the freezer on the last day of their shelf life. A tolerated or risky practice for health? On Instagram, a virologist gives her answer.

You have not had the opportunity to cook this roast since purchasing it and it is reaching its expiry date (expiration date)? There’s no question of throwing it away though! The solution is often the most practical: place the tray in the freezer, to preserve it and consume it later. But ultimately, is it a good idea in terms of hygiene and health risks? In an Instagram post, virologist Océane Sorel, known under the pseudonym Thefrenchvirologist, responds precisely.

Freezing on the last day is not ideal

To this question, the expert confirms: “Yes. You can freeze your chops on the day they are supposed to expire.” Nothing prevents you from doing this and it is undoubtedly better than wasting food.

However, she specifies that health-wise, this is not ideal, and this exposes you to a risk the day you consume said meat, if you do not take precautions.

“Freezing is a bit like pressing the pause button on the remote control for bacteria. It stops them in their tracks but it doesn't kill them. And when you defrost your chops, BIM, the bacteria will grow at new”.

Cook your food immediately after defrosting

The expert continues her post, adding a recommendation from ANSES : “The less time you give bacteria to develop in the fridge, the less risk you take when consuming for your health”.

His advice: freeze meat directly upon returning from shopping, if it is not intended to be consumed immediately.

And follow the rules for defrosting and preparation. So, no, you don't leave your meat 2-3 days longer in the fridge when you take it out of the freezer, but you eat it the same day and cook it through.

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