Beauty company Saxap opened salons in Dubai and Istanbul

Beauty company Saxap opened salons in Dubai and Istanbul

The Saxap beauty salon chain has been operating in the European beauty market for 15 years. Salons are open in 40 cities, including five million-plus cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Krasnoyarsk. The history of the company began in 2009 with a small depilation studio in a residential area of ​​Novosibirsk. The salon almost immediately became popular, as all procedures were performed quickly and efficiently, and special attention was paid to a friendly atmosphere to make clients feel at home.

Soon, the Saxap salon grew from a small mono-studio into a network of full-cycle beauty salons. Salons position themselves as a friendly zone where you can not only get quality services, but also have a good time: drink tea, coffee with sweets, or even a glass of wine. During the procedure, you can enjoy a free massage and, if you wish, chat with the masters, for example, ask them about the procedures or learn about trends.

“Beauty in one place” is one of the company’s main slogans, says Saxap. — We understand that in the modern world the lack of time is very acute, so we created a beauty space where all the beauty is in one place. Now manicure, eyelashes, cosmetology, massage, depilation, hairdresser services – all this can be obtained at affordable prices at Saxap.

Today there are 86 brand salons operating in Europe. Saxap not only develops its own branches, but also creates a successful community of businessmen. Some call it a franchise, but Saxap calls it “partners.” What does it mean? A franchise is when they help you at the start and give you a strategy for development in the future. Partner franchising from Saxap is not only a start and a development strategy, but also assistance at every stage of the business, weekly planning meetings, and simply impressive discounts on the purchase of materials. Together with the head office, strategies are thought out and changed based on individual indicators at each stage of development.

In 2023, the company entered the international market by opening the first Sugar salon in Dubai in the Marina area. On the opening day alone, the salon was visited by 150 people. Sugar quickly settled in and gained popularity. Six months later, another salon appeared in the Business Bay area. Despite the high prices in Dubai, the team decided to set a comfortable price for customers, as well as run a loyalty program.

Both salons are open from 9:00 to 21:00. If desired, clients can sign up online. The salons also pay special attention to a friendly atmosphere. To allow clients to meet and socialize, Sugar hosts parties and beauty breakfasts twice a month.

This year the company continued its international development. The new “Sugar” appeared in Istanbul in the Sisli district, two minutes from the metro. Here everything works according to the established principle: a pleasant atmosphere, a comfortable price and an imported European team of specialists who know how to do high-quality eyelashes, manicures, hairstyles, haircuts, styling and much more.

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