Belen Rodriguez happy with Antonio on Instagram: De Martino is a memory

Belen Rodriguez happy with Antonio on Instagram: De Martino is a memory

Antonio Spinalbese has won the heart of Belen Rodriguez: Stefano De Martino now belongs to the past

Belen Rodriguez has finally found happiness next to Antonio Spinalbese. On Instagram the showgirl appears serene and Stefano De Martino is just a memory. After difficult months, marked by the pain of separation, the model now seems to have found a new balance. Thanks to the 25-year-old hairstylist with whom he is spending his holidays in Ibiza. The two were paparazzi weeks ago during an evening in Milan while they exchanged a passionate kiss, then Antonio joined the showgirl on the Spanish island.

The couple have never shown themselves on Instagram, but many clues suggest that the story is proceeding very well. Not only the posts by Belen, in which she claims to be serene, but also the same videos published in the stories, such as the one in which she is in a hammock, in the garden of the villa, the same one that appeared on Spinalbese's social profile. On the other hand, Rodriguez had repeatedly reiterated her desire to turn the page and not forgive, once again, De Martino.

“If today I find myself in the situation in which I find myself it is also because of my sense of justice – he said -, because I don't want to be in a non-real life where people tell each other in one way and act differently. This is true in all fields because I am a smart, sensitive person, and I no longer have space or patience for those who do not use their heart. I'm full of flaws, but I keep my word, I never let anyone down, and if I can't keep a promise, I don't. Even in love, if I make a promise, I carry it forward, but I didn't write “silly” on the forehead ”.

In the meantime, Stefano doesn't seem willing to give up. The conductor has denied all the flirtations that have been attributed to him up to now and will soon be back on TV with the new edition of the Castrocaro Festival. A year ago, shortly after the return of the flame, it was he and Belen who presented the event. On that occasion they performed on stage to the notes of an overwhelming tango, recalling the birth of their love behind the scenes of Amici.

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