Between glamor and sensuality, ‘latex lips’ (officially) sign the end of no makeup

Between glamor and sensuality, 'latex lips' (officially) sign the end of no makeup

Exit so-called natural makeup, or even no makeup, very popular since the Covid-19 pandemic, make way for a more daring beauty look with ‘latex lips’. A catchy name to signify the return of shine pushed to the extreme, whatever the shade chosen, for glossy lips, as if varnished.

Beauty trends follow each other without (almost) ever being the same on social networks, as we can see this season with ‘cherry makeup’ or pumpkin spice make-up, and even some reminiscences of no makeup. But it’s a completely different aesthetic that is now essential, ‘latex lips’, bringing glossy lips back into fashion but with extreme shine. The idea is to reproduce the shine of latex, a material usually very popular with fashion addicts, thanks to very specific products, including gloss which at the same time marks its big comeback.

Contrary to what one might think, ‘latex lips’ did not emerge in the fall, with some videos dating back several months on the social network TikTok. But it is clear that the trend has seen renewed interest since the start of the school year, and undoubtedly as the end-of-year holidays approach. The reason ? The extravagance and audacity that this period allows, placed under the sign of color and glamour. That’s good, there’s no shortage of ‘latex lips’, quite the contrary. It’s about focusing on shine, or rather ultra shine, and glossing your lips with a good coat of gloss.

Varnished lips

To achieve this, there is nothing very complicated or very expensive. All you need is a lip liner, a lipstick, and a gloss, the whole range for luscious and shiny lips, in short. And if possible, an exfoliant, to start, in order to obtain smooth lips free of dead skin, and optimize this beauty treatment. Once this step has been completed, all that remains is to apply the pencil to the contour of the lips, with a particularly marked line, then fill everything in with the lipstick of your choice, and finish with a layer of transparent gloss – or the same shade as the lipstick for an even stronger effect.

Contrary to many trends, ‘latex lips’ have already been adopted by many celebrities and influencers, such as Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid, or even Kendall Jenner, as well as on the catwalks of the biggest luxury houses. On the Chinese social network TikTok, the hashtag #latexlips already has more than 18 million views, demonstrating the enthusiasm of younger generations for this autumnal aesthetic.