“Boysober” movement, is relational sobriety beneficial for singles?

“Boysober” movement, is relational sobriety beneficial for singles?

The “boysober” movement is spreading more and more among young women who are looking to redefine their romantic relationships. But what does it consist of? TipsForWomens explains.

Among the many terms for romantic tendencies, there is the “boysober” movement, popularized by American actress Hope Woodard. It is suitable for independent women who want to focus on themselves, even before being interested in a potential romantic relationship. Here are the principles on which this movement is based!

Boysober helps women focus on themselves

According to Hope Woodard, the “boysober” movement refers to the fact of “abstain from all romantic relationships”notably by detaching ourselves from short relationships, particularly with men.

The goal ? Focus on yourself by avoiding wasting time with toxic relationships that would prove more disappointing than beneficial, due to partners who are too immature or emotionally inaccessible. On the other hand, it helps fight emotional dependence and allows you to develop better emotional stability and greater well-being.

A generational trend

These days, most women no longer feel the need to be with a man to feel strong and fulfilled. As a result, they place more importance on their own happiness and taking care of themselves.

This trend is consistent with a broader observation, that new generations place more value on their personal well-being compared to their elders. They focus on their own mental health and prefer to resolve their problems before getting into romantic relationships. By the same logic, they would tend to choose to deprive themselves of a relationship that could be “toxic” in order to avoid generating other problems.