This method called “Social Snacking” makes you happy in less than 3 seconds!

This method called “Social Snacking” makes you happy in less than 3 seconds!

Happiness is a quest that can sometimes take a lifetime… Good news, this feeling can be hidden in the little things of everyday life, as an American psychologist reveals to us.

Being happy is a goal that can just as easily be pressurizing or, on the contrary, motivating. Today we no longer count the books and articles promising happiness for all. If sometimes the magic recipe for happiness seems complicated to implement, an American psychologist reveals that “social snacking” would be effective and quick. What is it about ? TipsForWomens enlightens you.

Micro-interactions source of happiness

Interviewed by Mindbodygreen, Sue Varma, American psychologist, highlights an important aspect of daily life influencing our mental health. This is “social snacking” which could be translated as these micro-interactions that we can all have on a daily basis with strangers. The positive effects of a simple “Hello” to our baker could therefore be the secret to being happy in a few seconds? In any case, this is what this psychologist thinks, based on a study published by SAGE Journals. The latter reveals that individuals who have more conversations with strangers tend to be happier. “I remember feeling happy and fulfilled after offering my help to an old man on the subway” tells us Adeline, 34 years old. “It was strange, it felt like I had accomplished something great in this man’s eyes when all I had done was hold his bag while he put his things away. Besides, he didn’t hesitate to tell me that ‘it was rare to meet such nice people in the metro’. It only took me a few seconds and I felt benefits all day long!” she adds. Proof that a few seconds are enough to feel joy and good humor all day long.

Good in his body, good in his head!

“Social snacking” with colleagues and friends

The psychologist also reminds us that “social snacking” can also work very well with loved ones. This could take the form of a phone call for a few minutes to a friend or even having coffee with a colleague. Exchanging with caring people with whom you feel good allows you to feel the positive effects of these micro-interactions.

To remember, if we can sometimes think that happiness is a difficult goal to achieve, we must not hesitate to remember that it can be hidden in the small details of everyday life. Like children’s outlook on life, let us not hesitate to exchange with kindness and authenticity with those close to us (family, friends, colleagues, neighbors), marvel at a beautiful blue sky or a rainbow, without forgetting to take a few minutes for yourself to thank life; gratitude is also an important element for mental well-being.