#Calf Tox: on TikTok, Botox is “also” used to reshape your calves

#Calf Tox: on TikTok, Botox is “also” used to reshape your calves

Injections to shape one’s appearance are definitely popular. After trap tox, which aimed to lengthen the neck, here is calf tox, the injection of botulinum toxin into the calves to refine and (temporarily) reshape their curve. An expensive trend that is spreading on TikTok.

Accepting your body and its shapes is not yet the norm on social networks. To model their appearance and refine certain areas, many people no longer hesitate to divert injectable products from their objectives for aesthetic and, above all, rapid results. So, after trap tox, or barbiebotox, an injection of Botox in the trapezius which could already refine the neck, here on TikTok, Calf Tox, the same operation but in the calves, has many fans.

Botox capable of giving us a beautiful leg?

On the network, the hashtag already exceeds 2.5 million views. Videos which notably show the procedure and the famous before/after which fills those who have taken the plunge with pride.

Consulted on the subject, the cosmetic doctor and surgeon Jonathan Haddad explains the procedure to us:

Botox injection in calves can be indicated when a muscle hypertrophy causes somewhat strong calves (by nature, and not necessarily because of the sport) and which complicates the patient. The mixture of muscles and fatty tissue in this area makes any liposuction procedure complex. “Injecting botulinum toxin will relax the muscles and cause a reduction in calf circumference, which is the desired effect” explains our expert.

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Around 1,500 euros per injection, for 4 months of effects

The minimally invasive injection is performed in the office, without anesthesia and obtains visible results in just 5 to 10 days. But beware of the illusion, warns the doctor, the effects do not last and the operation turns out to be quite expensive. “The injection into a calf requires around 2 bottles of botox, (one for the whole face) therefore 4 for both legs, when a bottle costs 300 to 450 euros each”.

In addition, the effects, visible but subtle, fade after approximately 4 months. “Consequently, it is the initial medical indication which determines whether the procedure will be effective or not. The injection will not be effective on excess fat for example”.

A trivialization that can pose a problem

The cost obviously does not slow down new patients who intend to offer themselves a new, finer and more harmonious curve in one pass. But who seem to forget that injecting botox into the calves is not just about care. “The potential side effects are numerous: pain and discomfort, swelling and bruisesallergic reaction, infection and inability to exercise”underlines an American clinic on its website.

The long-term effects are also not known to date.it may impact your lower legs and back. (…) Our muscles in our body are naturally tense depending on size and anatomy. When you change theanatomy of your feet and your legs, it can cause a chain reaction”explains surgeon Andrex Peredo to New York Post.

Finally, Dr Haddad also recalls an imperative: “Even if it is not perceived as a risky technique, you should always contact a competent doctor who specializes in this and who will know exactly where to inject. To contact anyone is to take the risk that it won’t work, and of encountering complications.”