Do you have pillow marks when you wake up? Here are the real causes!

Do you have pillow marks when you wake up?  Here are the real causes!

In the morning, do you often wake up with wrinkled features, marked by the pillows? Please note that these traces are not trivial. They say a lot about the quality of your skin and your sleeping habits.

If the “sleep wrinkles often disappear when you wake up, these facial folds could however be a sign of poor posture during the night or poor elasticity of your skin.

A bad position

First and most obvious cause: you sleep in a bad position.

At night, you subject your skin to increased pressure; since it is in direct contact with the pillowcase. However, this pressure favors the appearance of the famous “sleep wrinkles“but also folds in the neck, since the dermis is found”fixed” All night long.

Dermatologist Kristina Collins, interviewed by Slate, confirms that these “temporary wrinkles that appear due to facial position during sleep, leading to uneven pressure and wrinkling of the skin“.

Important detail: it is when the skin is not very tight, and the pressure is repetitive (on the same areas of the face) that it marks more easily and lastingly.

It is therefore better to choose your position carefully before sinking into the arms of Morpheus. The ideal is to sleep on your back to avoid putting your face on the pillowcase and thus seeing it less.”crumpled” at Rise.

A problem with skin elasticity

The other main cause of these “pillow marks“? Reduced skin elasticity.

The fact that these traces persist when you wake up can indeed be a sign “a reduction in its elasticity“, reveals dermatologist Sonia Badreshia in the Slate article.

The right attitude to prevent future wrinkles?

  • Drink at least one liter of water per day (the plumper the skin, the less wrinkles it appears);
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced diet;
  • Favor moisturizing treatments adapted to your dermis;
  • Opt for satin sheets, which mark the skin less.

If these tips are not miraculous, and time naturally affects wrinkles and elasticity, they nevertheless help limit the damage.