Can I use sunscreen from that year? The pharmacist answers

Can I use sunscreen from that year?  The pharmacist answers

May Day is just around the corner and the weather promises to be fabulous. That's why more and more people buy sunscreen. Sometimes, however, we forget about visiting the drugstore and end up looking for cosmetics from last year. After all, if the expiration date is still up, you can go ahead and use up your supplies. But is it really?

Can I use sunscreen from that year?  The pharmacist answers

Cosmetics with a filter should be included in your cosmetic bag not only in spring or summer, but also in winter. Protection against harmful UV radiation prevents premature skin aging and reduces the risk of melanoma. In May, the sun can burn, especially when we plan to stay outdoors longer. Remember to use the appropriate cream.

Sunscreen from that year. Is it good idea?

Sometimes we don't use all the cosmetics and end up with half of them left for the next year. When we dig out our sunscreen in the spring, we wonder if we can still use it. This popular problem was commented on by a well-known pharmacist who runs a blog called “Pan Tabletka”. He posted a video on social media in which he explained whether it is good to choose cosmetics from last year.

– Of course, as it is in a Polish family, if something has an expiration date, it is tested on the father. I applied the cream from last season and it didn't work at all. It seemed to me that on the contrary – the skin was more sensitive to the sun – explains the pharmacist.

The specialist added that if the cosmetic has not been opened and its expiration date is still valid, it can be used, but otherwise he advises against using it. Another condition is that the product was purchased in autumn and was stored in a shaded, cool place.

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Which sunscreen should you choose? Take advantage of the advice of specialists

Another problem is that we often wonder which sunscreen will be the best. Well, a lot depends on what type of skin we have. This is where cosmetologists come to the rescue. However, for sensitive skin and fair complexion, even cosmetics with SPF50 are recommended. How long we stay in the sun is also important.

Not everyone realizes this, but cosmetics with a filter should be applied several times a day. For many women who apply careful makeup, this news may be embarrassing. However, apart from creams, you can find other cosmetics containing the above-mentioned filters on the market, including sticks, powders, etc. It is important, however, not to neglect this protection, even for the sake of faster aging due to UV rays.