Can the “ketchup challenge” on Tiktok really say something about your relationship?

Can the “ketchup challenge” on Tiktok really say something about your relationship?

In recent days, videos showing men cleaning ketchup have invaded the social network Tiktok. A rather unique challenge – called “ketchup challenge” – which would allow you to measure your partner’s skills. Deciphering this phenomenon with our expert psychologist, Amélie Boukhobza.

Do you know the ketchup challenge? This very popular challenge on social networks consists of challenging your partner… by inviting them to clean up a ketchup stain. Yes, you read correctly ! A technique which, according to its followers, would allow you to assess the “potential” of your partner.

Different techniques are used

By observing your partner cleaning ketchup left on a surface (work surface, table or other), this challenge would reveal the personality of others.

Indeed, according to the countless “Ketchup challenge” videos posted on the web, everyone would proceed differently to clean said stain.

Some would use paper towels to clean it, while others would put it everywhere. Still others, would adopt a more sophisticated “technique” by gathering the sauce in the center of the table before cleaning it.

Finally, some people would spray the table with a disinfectant product to make it cleaner.

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What does this challenge say about the other’s personality?

According to Tiktok users, if your partner is “sensible”, rigorous and organized, he or she would clean the stain quickly and efficiently (in other words, by not getting it everywhere).

Those who take the time to clean the table properly would also be more “orderly” in their lives.

A somewhat hasty conclusion, according to our specialist, Amélie Boukhobza.

The “Ketchup Challenge” on TikTok, like many trends on social networks, is in my opinion above all entertainment and should not be taken as a serious indicator of the health or quality of a romantic relationship. These kinds of challenges can be fun and provide a moment of levity, but they are no substitute for deep communication and mutual understanding, which are essential to any relationship. It’s better to put your energy into something other than these kinds of challenges!“, she says.

The expert therefore recommends “prioritize real open and honest communication, recognize that these challenges are above all entertainment, have confidence in yourself and in the solidity of the foundations of the couple, have enough critical thinking to be able to not let yourself be impacted and influenced by a challenge for example which would give bad resultsInstead, roll in ketchup together, it will certainly bring more benefits to your relationship !”.