Skin fasting, this skincare routine allows you to display radiant skin

Skin fasting, this skincare routine allows you to display radiant skin

Make way for simplicity with this new skincare trend, which invites you to put as little as possible on your skin, in order to let it breathe. However, Dr Isabelle Gallay, dermatologist, reveals to us the essentials to keep.

What does your skin need to look radiant every day? A priori, not by much, if we are to believe the new cosmetic trend that is rising on the networks. Skin fasting, or skin fasting, is in fact the opposite of the latest care routines which suggest layering several serums, masks or creams to maintain your skin. On the contrary, this new trend invites you to settle for the union minimum to let your skin breathe.

Skin fasting, or how to do less every day

Fasting may not be the right word. So, it does not consist of no longer applying anything to your face, but rather of focusing on a refined, minimalist routine, containing only the skincare essentials. A beneficial break after having used dozens of products in cycles on your skin mentioned by Dr Harshna Bijlani in the Indian version of Vogue,

“Skin fasting involves taking a break from the many products the skin is exposed to on a daily basis and allowing it to reset and rebalance. Followers of this trend suggest that using fewer products can help the skin regain its normal natural functions and possibly improve its overall quality.”

The doctor thus emphasizes three benefits: the natural strengthening of the skin barrier, a reduction in skin sensitivity as well as detoxification of the skin in general.

The essentials to keep according to our dermatologist

Lighter for our skin, but also for our wallet, young skin should not make us forget the essential: our epidermis, we must take care of it. Dermatologist Isabelle Gallay then reminds us of the basic steps not to skip, even in the middle of a cosmetic detox:

  • A gentle cleanser.It’s already obvious, you have to clean your skin.” advises our expert. In contact with a certain number of pollutants throughout the day. This can be done in the evening with a gentle cleanser so as not to attack the skin barrier. We then rinse with the water we prefer and dry ourselves with a tissue;
  • A mist of thermal water. In the morning, when the skin has worked a lot during the night, making proteins and metabolizing all kinds of molecules, it also needs to be gently awakened. To give it some tone, I simply recommend spraying with thermal water, drying again with a tissue.
  • A moisturizing and protective cream. To protect your natural skin barrier, applying a moisturizer every day is recommended. This can also be protective, especially in winter when the skin dries out more quickly.
  • A mineral screen. If you have to be outside, in the sunlight and obviously in the middle of summer, you will add a mineral screen to your range of essentials. A reflex that our expert also recommends if you face screens all day. “In this case it is always good to have an additional barrier on your skin, our cells are not made to receive light all the time. I recommend using a colorless or tinted mineral cream on your skin to protect it.

However, in the case of so-called “problem” skin (acne, eczema, rosacea, etc.) skin fasting may not be suitable or provide the necessary care. It is advisable to adapt your routine with your healthcare professional without reducing the care provided yourself.