Candles, toys, decorations: New Year’s collections from Richter with local brands

Candles, toys, decorations: New Year's collections from Richter with local brands

For each time of year, the Richter hotel and cultural space has its own signs and activities. In spring and summer there is a vegetable garden and film screenings in the garden, in the fall there is harvesting and candlelight concerts, and in winter there is a huge decorated Christmas tree and the opportunity to give a holiday to each other and to yourself. An unchanging component of all the events and embodied ideas that take place here is support for local projects and artists, a conversation about like-mindedness that takes a variety of forms.

For example, the Vereja brand, known not only for its inventions, but also for its attention to roots, was invited to decorate the Christmas tree this year, and the New Year’s collections were conceived and implemented together with five different authors. As always, they are released in limited edition. For those who have left worries about gifts until the very last days of the year, these collections can become a salvation, and “Richter” itself can be an opportunity to spend time in peace and without fuss.



Our memories often take the form of smells that have become part of the moment. The Prust brand is also thinking about this, having released a series of seven table diffusers – the number of Richter numbers, whose names and impressions of them repeat the scents. “Leopard” as an opportunity to stay just the two of us, “Hyena” turned into a costume ball. In other words, associations and interweaving of images and feelings were found for each of the spaces of this mansion in Zamoskvorechye.



Often the heroes of children’s dreams, games and just everyday life migrate along with their memories into adulthood. The donkey that appeared as a picture at the bottom of the plate when you finished eating the porridge, the ball in the shape of a tiger that your parents bought at the zoo – everyone will have their own symbols. The textile brand “Motylek” comes up with its own characters – a heron and a leopard, first drawn with oil pastels, and then appearing on bedding sets for children.


The artist Jolie Alien, whose solo exhibition was held at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in 2022, this time embodies her thoughts in the form not of paintings, but of candles. Each wax composition, according to the artist, becomes “a reminder that miracles and love really exist.” And the more evidence there is of this, the more pleasant each new day turns out to be.


The brand of hand-crafted toys, Chudiki, succinctly and at the same time precisely formulates what it wants to tell the world: “Allow everyone – and most importantly, yourself – to be a weirdo.” In many ways, this formulation intersects with the promise to finally lag behind not others, but first of all, ourselves, which many of us make at the end of another difficult year. The “weirdo” himself will be an excellent reminder, especially since all proceeds from the sale of each such hero will go directly to support the “House with a Lighthouse” foundation.


Sometimes all you want to hear is the sound of a cork flying up, promising celebration and fun. The New Year’s collection of pendants in the form of plaques from the young brand recoulage by Maria and Evgeny Shishkin is also thinking about this. Multi-colored, like New Year’s time, these brass pendants will be a hint of the holiday that is always nearby. By the way, the task of the plaque, which has become the prototype and main idea of ​​the brand, is to protect, so the pendants can easily become a kind of amulet from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and endless affairs.