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Vegan food also nourishes the small and big screen

Vegan food also nourishes the small and big screen

At the time of “Veganuary”, the challenge which consists of respecting a plant-based diet throughout the month of January, Netflix has just released a documentary presenting the positive consequences of a non-meat diet on health, based on scientific research. . An incriminating film which has already attracted numerous criticisms. However, it is far from being the first project to address the sensitive issue of veganism. The proof…

Well on his plate: the proof in two (You are what you eat: A Twin Experiment)

This is the latest documentary project to demonstrate the benefits of a plant-based diet. Available on Netflix since January 1 in Europe, this docuseries takes up the results of a study by Stanford University released last November, which compared the impact of a vegan diet compared to a meat diet, on the basis of meals taken by 22 pairs of twins. Broadcast on the first day of the Veganuary challenge, Louie Psihoyos’ film attempts to highlight the influence of factors linked to lifestyle, more than genetics. Personalities from the vegan world such as the star chef from New York Daniel Humm who made a plant-based shift in 2021 as well as the founder of the start-up Impossible Foods producing meat-free steaks are participating in this project against the meat diet.


In 2021, the actor Fabrice Eboué wanted to treat this sensitive subject with humor and a lot of insolence in a caricature comedy which features the actress Marina Foïs alongside him. The comedian plays a butcher who accidentally kills a vegan activist whose body is transformed into a ham in an attempt to hide the murder. But that was without counting on the commercial success of this preparation which pleased customers, which gave ideas to the craftsman…


Already ten years ago, Netflix broadcast a documentary illustrating all the consequences of intensive breeding. A contraction in English of “cow” and conspiracy, Kip Andersen’s film is edited using shock and sensational drama to denounce the responsibility of giant farms for climate change and the extinction of species. or the depletion of water resources. Conducted like a real investigation, the scenario above all involves political reflection – an attack even, against public authorities but also environmental associations to denounce their lack of commitment with the aim of finding lasting solutions.


Narrated by actor Joaquin Phoenix, whose vegan diet is a secret, especially since he showed his support for the January challenge “Veganuary”, the documentary shocked spectators when it was released in 2005 by presenting thanks to hidden cameras the fate reserved for farm animals. We talk about the animals that we eat but also use for the fur industry, medical research or entertainment such as the circus. Shaun Monson’s film thus consists of illustrating all the consequences of animal exploitation.


In 2011, director Marisa Miller Wolfson unveiled her documentary project consisting of following three New Yorkers, absolute lovers of meat and cheese who agreed to adopt a vegan diet for six weeks. It is about demonstrating how this decision is not a long, smooth river on a daily basis and requires perseverance and tenacity.

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