Chiara Ferragni unveils the incredible gift from Fedez for the wedding anniversary

Chiara Ferragni unveils the incredible gift from Fedez for the wedding anniversary

On Instagram, Chiara Ferragni unveils the incredible gift received by Fedez on the occasion of their wedding anniversary

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, two years after their fairytale wedding: the best moments on Instagram

Chiara Ferragni unveils Fedez's incredible gift for the second wedding anniversary on Instagram. Two years have passed since the marriage of the Ferragnez who swore eternal love on 1 September 2018 in Noto, Sicily. The couple decided to celebrate the event in the capital, in a dream location, among red roses, starry dinners and lots of romance.

The fashion blogger and the rapper indulged in a dinner on the terrace of the St. Regis hotel which overlooks the dome of St. Peter's Basilica. Very elegant, they posted some shots on Instagram to tell about the evening. Chiara wore a minidress with feathers signed The Attico, the brand of Gilda Ambrosio, her friend and Stefano De Martino's ex, while Fedez opted for a dark suit. In the room, the influencer found a bundle of red and white roses with the words two, but above all a precious gift: a diamond necklace with a heart-shaped emerald.

A love, the one between Fedez and Ferragni, born by chance thanks to a verse of the song I would like but not place and which has grown over the years also thanks to the arrival of little Leone. "Chiara is an intelligent and positive person – said the rapper some time ago -. For me it is a medicine because I am very cynical. I am a little carefree person, I always see the glass half empty and the void can suck you up. She sees the good and the beautiful in everything, she can enjoy things like I've never been able to. Not even now I can ”.

"We complement each other – she revealed -, we have different characters, I am more positive, he dark, reactive, but we understand each other a lot, we both made our careers ourselves, we are very close to each other, we are one the maximum support of the other , apart from my mother I mean. Yes it makes me laugh but it is also much more than that ”.

And on the occasion of the second wedding anniversary, there are already those who hope that the couple can give themselves something very special: another child who can enlarge the family and increase the Ferragnez clan.

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