Chocolate eggs even if we are diet: yes, but it depends on the label

Chocolate eggs even if we are diet: yes, but it depends on the label

On a diet you can eat chocolate eggs as long as you choose the dark ones and with the right label.

There Easter is coming but as usual we are at diet. A real worry not being able to taste so many delicacies and such beautiful dishes in peace. Between Easter doves, cheese cakes, pasqualine, lamb and potatoes, and chocolate eggs it is really hard to resist that much.

chocolate eggs label

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The good news, however, is that we can indulge in some little extravagance as long as we choose the right products. For example for the chocolate eggsto ban them altogether would be a real torture.

So then we can give ourselves a small piece, however, provided choose the right egg. In particular what we will have to go to look is thelabel. Let’s find out how it must be and what are the ingredients that must prevail to ensure that it is a healthy and quality product.

Diet and chocolate eggs: yes, but let’s read the label

The chocolate eggs they are one of the most typical sweets of the Easter period that children like so much, also because inside there is always the surprise, but also for adults since they are made with chocolate.

chocolate eggs label

Source: Canva

And now you can find really all kinds, from those to milk and dark chocolate passing through those of White chocolate, up to those praline, for example with almonds, or enriched with walnuts and so on.

Handcrafted or packaged chocolate eggs are really coveted by everyone but if we are on a diet, what to do? Meanwhile, the first rule if we do not want to gain weight is to choose those of dark chocolate and even better extra dark. Also here you can find out how eat the Easter egg without guilt.

Even in this case, however, one can fall into deception. Indeed not all dark chocolate means it’s dietary compared to the milk or white one. Indeed it can even mislead the word dark.

That is why it is essential, if we are following a dietary regime and do not want to ruin all the work done so far, read the label. A necessary step to find out what our dark or extra dark chocolate egg is made of.

In fact, this term does not mean that the chocolate egg, despite being dark, contains few sugars. To be sure that the chocolate egg, which we bought or gave us, is not rich in sugar is to analyze the label.

If we notice that sugar appears as the first ingredient then it means that that egg, despite being dark, contains too much of it. If sugar is in first place in the order of ingredients, it means that there is a large quantity of it.

So when we buy it the first thing to see is if sugar appears as the first ingredient on the list on the label. Moreover, the list of ingredients in foods, but also in other types of products, goes in descending order based on the quantity present inside.

Therefore, if the chocolate is of good quality and not enriched with a lot of sugar, it must include the first ingredient on the label cocoa mass and only after sugar. Regardless of how dark it is or not.

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