Confidence dumping or when some people dump their self-confidence on others

Confidence dumping or when some people dump their self-confidence on others

After “trauma dumping” which consists of dumping all your negative emotions on others, here comes “confidence dumping”. This term created from scratch by an influencer refers to an individual’s ability to boast excessively to those close to them or to constantly seek external validation.

In everyday life, it is common to brag when you are proud of your achievements. This shows a certain self-confidence. But too much, it can bother those around you. According to content creator Connor DeWolfe, this is “confidence dumping.” Suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), the creator invented this term to designate episodes where he boasts excessively to those close to him or seeks external approval.

Confidence dumping or the bragging monologue

By publishing this video, Connor De Wolfe managed to accumulate almost 300,000 views. According to the 23-year-old, confidence dumping is a way of seeking external validation. He explains : “We need validation for all the accomplishments we have accomplished. So because you’re never selfish, sometimes you just have to explode on another person you trust“. In the comments, social users welcome the influencer’s video: “I identify with everything he says“, declares a user. “This man totally explains what’s going on in my head 24/7“, adds another.

In short, this involves talking at great length about your exploits and not leaving room for others in the discussion. But it can also be about fixating on a whole list of tasks already accomplished. Although we can easily consider this behavior as negative, even egocentric, at first glance, it would in reality hide a great lack of self-confidence. In any case, that’s what some experts say.

Good in his body, good in his head!

A sign of a lack of self-confidence?

For clinician Stephanie Carnes, interviewed by HuffPost, “confidence dumping” is recurrent among people who have lost self-confidence following rejection or a form of stigma. People with anxiety or other mental health issues may also be susceptible to this disorder. By constantly boasting, they would like to be considered “like a whole person” and want others to “reasily recognize the tenacity it takes to accomplish a task in a particular condition“, analyzes clinician Stéphanie Carnes.

Unfortunately, “confidence dumping” can lead to distance from loved ones, but also to conflicts. To avoid this type of situation, several solutions to remedy this problem are possible. First of all, you should know that the first person whose approval you should seek is none other than yourself. This is why it is naturally advisable to congratulate yourself before celebrating your victories with others.