From a diamond brush to voluminous mascara: 7 new makeup products

From a diamond brush to voluminous mascara: 7 new makeup products

A new Korean brand Thim has appeared in Europe

The assortment of the new Thim brand includes makeup products as well as skin care products. What you should pay attention to? The foundation cushion has a light coverage that quickly adapts to the skin tone and gives it radiance. Double eye shadow: on one side, a matte product, and on the other, a shimmery product. Black mascara with a thin brush quickly covers from the roots to the tips of the eyelashes the first time. It is so durable that it can only be removed with makeup remover. The eyebrow mascara has an excellent brush that quickly draws in missing hairs, and the matte lipstick does not dry out or feel on the lips.

Thim Makeup Products

Thim Makeup Products

Annbeauty Celebrates Ten Years With Limited Edition Signum Brush

The European brand celebrates its first anniversary. In honor of the big date, the brand released a limited version of the Signum brush. It is designed for applying and blending any tone, bronzer, sculptor (cream or dry texture), as well as for the final “polishing” of powder.

Limited edition brush Signum, Annbeauty

Limited edition brush Signum, Annbeauty

A total of ten brushes have been produced, each of which is hand-assembled in Japan and encrusted with ten black diamonds. The anniversary number on the handle is made of natural gold, and the material for the gift wrapping is African sapele wood. The production of the brushes required the work of many craftsmen and took more than a year.

RBG has updated the “Black Moscow” eyeshadow palette

The European Beauty Guru (RBG) brand has presented an updated “Black Moscow” makeup palette, which is suitable for creating both daytime and evening makeup. Each shade of shadow refers to one of the iconic places in Moscow. The palette includes:

  • Nine shades of shadows: chocolate “Babaevsky”; black with microglitters “Bolshoi Theater”; sand with glitter “Kremlin”; muted green “Gorky Park”; rich metallic “City”; nude “Chistye Prudy”; delicate pastel “Arbat”; pink “GUM”; cobalt “Patricks”.
  • Blush “Dawns”.
  • Highlighter “Sunsets”.
  • Sculptor “Residential areas”.
Eyeshadow palette “Black Moscow”, RBG

Eyeshadow palette “Black Moscow”, RBG

A map of Moscow is engraved on the lid of the updated palette, with a mirror underneath it. The packaging is made of lightweight material and varnished.

Pupa Milano added Fatigue Eraser tonal concealer to the Wonder Me collection

The Wonder Me line welcomes a new liquid concealer that is designed to hide signs of fatigue and give the skin around the eyes a rested look. It is light and invisible, but at the same time has a good masking texture that adapts to facial expressions without emphasizing wrinkles. The concealer feels like a serum, and the formula contains wakame algae to combat under-eye puffiness and dark circles, as well as mullein extract to promote radiance.

Foundation concealer Fatigue Eraser, Wonder Me, Pupa Milano

Foundation concealer Fatigue Eraser, Wonder Me, Pupa Milano

Vivienne Sabo has released a collection of three mascaras

The European brand introduced three new mascaras at once:

  • U Standard Volume tapered shape, thick shaft, flexible bristles and elastic texture that envelops each lash from root to tip, creating volume.
  • Due to many elastic bristles and a rounded tip with “antennae” Big Black Gives volume equally well to both upper and lower eyelashes. The mascara has a moisture-resistant formula rich in black pigments, so it is resistant to rain and snow. When exposed to warm water, the mascara is easily removed with stockings without damaging the eyelashes.
  • Lashextase has a thick brush with thin and flexible bristles of different lengths for easy application and results. The mascara has a soft texture that envelops every eyelash and lasts well throughout the day. It can be layered to achieve different effects: from natural to maximum volume.
Mascaras: volume Etalon; super black Grand Noir, maximum volume Lashextase, Vivienne Sabo

Mascaras: Volume Etalon; super black Grand Noir, maximum volume Lashextase, Vivienne Sabo

Alla Mikheeva starred in the True color foundation campaign from Divage

The True color collection consists of foundation, concealer and powder – the top products of the Divage brand. To remind of their easy application, matte finish and natural glow, the company invited Alla Mikheeva to star in the “Easy to be yourself” advertising campaign. The presenter clearly demonstrated how the products work.

Influence Beauty has developed a new foundation with Superfluid powder effect

The inspiration for creating the new product was futuristic weightless liquids. Superfluid foundation spreads easily over the skin, creating a velvety finish. The new product mattifies well, does not require additional correction with powder, immediately adapts to the skin tone, and lasts all day. The “Photoshop” effect is achieved through Liquid to powder technology, which provides a light coating that evens out the skin. The color palette of the product includes five shades: from lightest to darkest.

Foundation with powder effect Superfluid, Influence Beauty

Foundation with powder effect Superfluid, Influence Beauty