Cozy Cardio: the new fitness trend for relaxing sports

Cozy Cardio: the new fitness trend for relaxing sports

Exercise and relax at the same time. This is the principle of a new fitness trend called “cozy cardio”. It is practiced at home, on a treadmill or an exercise bike, in pajamas or a bathrobe, in front of a good series or in a cozy and subdued atmosphere. It doesn’t matter, the main thing is to feel comfortable.

Light a few candles, put on your most beautiful bathrobe or your favorite pajamas. Your workout can begin. Called the Cozy Cardio (or comfortable cardio in French), the latest fitness trend has invaded Tik Tok, with its hashtag #CozyCardio reaching one million views. Invented by a content creator by the name of Hope Zuckerbrow, cozy cardio consists of walking indoors on a treadmill, in your pajamas or in your loungewear in your bedroom or living room, in front of your favorite series or any other activity that takes your fancy. relax.

In one of her videos, Hope Zuckerbrow shows off her cozy cardio routine. She wakes up early in the morning, makes an iced coffee, turns on her treadmill, and turns on her TV to watch an episode of her show while working out. Since then, other women have replicated the concept, even going so far as to put their PC on top of their treadmill.

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Cozy cardio is done with low-impact, easily achievable workouts that don’t require jumping or running fast. In other words, your body will experience less physical stress on the joints. It requires having a treadmill or an exercise bike at home. If you don’t want to invest, you can also do low impact exercises like lunges or jumping jacks without jumping. Another positive point: it is accessible to everyone, regardless of fitness level. Ideal in winter or in rainy weather, it can be practiced at home at any time. It also avoids, for the more shy, to meet the gaze of others at the gym.

Cozy cardio is a gentle and enjoyable way to take care of your body and mind.“says Vicki Bahra, lifestyle expert at Stylist UK.”It’s a great way to get your body moving in a really comfortable way and release endorphins without the intimidation of the gym, loving yourself, which is great for the mind“.

Well in his body, well in his head!