Espresso makeup: the gourmet beauty trend that heats up the summer

Espresso makeup: the gourmet beauty trend that heats up the summer

What’s happening in the world of beauty? Not content with hijacking products and constantly reinventing the codes of cosmetics, influencers are taking inspiration from gourmet drinks for their make-up routine. The proof with the trend of the moment, baptized ‘espresso makeup’, which translates into a luminous and tanned complexion, and a brown and deep look… In other words, an intense and daring version of ‘latte makeup’, the inspiration that is a hit on social networks since the beginning of the summer.

The summer season most often rhymes with frozen desserts, gazpachos, and cold drinks, but it seems that summer 2023 is an exception… In the world of beauty anyway. Difficult to follow? It’s simple, however, the followers of cosmetics, and in particular make-up, no longer seem to swear by gourmet drinks, most often hot, including them not in their diet but in their beauty routine. On social networks, there are countless inspirations of the genre, from ‘latte makeup’, the key trend of the summer season, to matcha latte manicure and ‘cherry cola lips’. And that’s obviously only just beginning with the latest trend, ‘espresso makeup’, a “grunge” variant of its latte cousin.

5 million views

A warm, subtly tanned, milky, and extremely luminous complexion: this is what characterizes ‘latte makeup’, which relies exclusively on bronze and caramel shades, for the face and eyes, excluding black eyeliner. The new variation proposed on the Chinese social network, called ‘espresso makeup’, looks like it to be mistaken with one exception. The complexion is even warmer, and the look much more intense. While the ‘latte makeup’ seems like a perfect makeover for summer days, its cousin is none other than a full-bodied version that will suit much better in the evening. In any case, this is what TikTok users seem to think, who swear by these two inspirations, with already nearly 5 million views for the hashtag #espressomakeup.

@daniellemarcan the grunge sister of the latte makeup #makeup #espressomakeup #beauty @L’Oréal Paris @YSL Beauty ♬ original sound – DANIELLE

The trend is driving a slew of posts today, but it’s arguably content creator Danielle Marcan (@daniellemarcan) who’s had the most success. His one-minute video has already been viewed over a million times. In it, she presents beauty – which she herself describes as the “grunge sister of latte makeup” – then offers a tutorial on how to make it your own before the end of the summer season. As we can see, the complexion is much more worked with more bronzer and contouring products, the idea being to have tanned skin, but it is above all on the look that the attention is paid.

For a perfect ‘espresso makeup’, swap the caramel and bronze shades of ‘latte makeup’ for pencils and eye shadows in deep brown, even cocoa, and don’t skimp on black eyeliner or eyeliner. mascara. A detail that makes all the difference and transforms effortless beauty into grungy, intense makeup. Now all that remains is to reproduce it on vacation, and wait for the next beauty inspiration influenced by the coffee machine…