Crying in front of a film: what it says about you!

Crying in front of a film: what it says about you!

Do you often cry at movies? According to researchers, this heightened sensitivity is a good sign. Explanations.

According to a recent scientific study, crying uncontrollably in front of a film can be a sign of “good moral sense”, and not just of “vulnerability” or “weakness”.

Stronger disapproval of moral transgressions

In this survey, almost 1,000 British men and women were observed.

Their crying, which occurred while watching a film or reading a book, was analyzed in particular.

Four categories of tears were identified, including:

  • the tears of attachment that arise during separations;
  • societal tears which are the result of conflicts within a group;
  • the tears of compassion that appear in the face of the pain of others;
  • sentimental tears, which occur in front of moving scenes (films, plays, etc.).

Different questions were then asked to the candidates and their attitude was tested in the face of 30 types of moral transgressions (lies, false confessions, etc.).

Good in his body, good in his head!

Crying would strengthen moral values

Result ? The study found that those who cried easily over books and movies were more disapproving of moral transgressions.

These candidates were also more likely to donate to charity and disapprove of lying.

In fact, the research team believes that these sentimental cries are closely linked to altruism and empathy. She also believes that these tears reinforce the present moment, the emotions felt and moral values.

Although future studies are needed, it appears this research challenges the preconceived notion that only “good” people cry“, say researchers from the University of Aarhus, Denmark, in the Social Psychological Bulletin.