‘Dewy Gold’: glowy makeup that warms up the winter

'Dewy Gold': glowy makeup that warms up the winter

Exit the dull, cold and pale complexion in winter, social users are now banking on luminous and rosy shades to give the skin that fresh and radiant appearance which is so lacking in this season. As a result, it is glowy makeup that is currently unanimous, with variations as diverse as they are varied, bringing highlighters and illuminators which had (almost) disappeared from our bathrooms back into fashion.

It’s a real obsession! You only need to spend a few minutes on social networks to realize that makeup content creators and other fans of the genre no longer swear by luminous beauty highlights that emphasize the beauty of the skin. After having praised ultra-worked make-up, then no make-up, social users are opting for make-up inspirations halfway between these two trends. The idea is simple: it’s about displaying a fresh and luminous complexion all year round, without being too heavy-handed on the material, while proudly showing off perfectly refined and even skin texture.

Like after a day at the beach

Rarely, makeup trends have been consistent and similar for several months, demonstrating a growing interest in naturally radiant makeup. And contrary to what one might think, this is not a paradox. On the contrary, it is about spending a minimum of time in the bathroom, and therefore applying a minimum of material to your face, without neglecting the luminous appearance of the skin. An important detail in winter if we consider that the complexion becomes paler and dull. The proof with the latest tips and trends that have gone viral on social networks, from the healthy glow effect of ‘glazed blush’ to the infallible method for obtaining a light complexion without a mask effect, including the essential ‘frosty make-up ‘.

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This is also the case with ‘Rose Gold’ makeup, which can be found under other names such as ‘Golden Hour’ or ‘Golden Glowy’ – although techniques can vary significantly from one user to another . The Byrdie platform, which helped popularize the trend, evokes “Dewy Gold” makeup, which is characterized by a natural complexion dominated by golden and pink tones. We will have understood, it is once again a question of emphasizing freshness and brightness, like after a day spent at the beach (but in the middle of winter). “Golden tones bring much-needed warmth to the skin, which can often appear dull in winter due to lack of sunlight,” famous makeup artist Jeanine Lobell explains to the online media outlet. She added: “The dewy look of this trend helps combat dryness associated with winter weather, giving skin a hydrated, healthy glow.” A real breath of fresh air in this gray and gloomy time.

Highlighter makes a comeback

There is no specific method for achieving ‘Rose Gold’ or ‘Dewy Gold’ makeup, the objective being to obtain a luminous complexion that reveals the skin’s texture. Be careful, however, a product that we thought would be forgotten is making a big comeback with this trend, the highlighter, which here turns out to be (almost) essential. It is in fact he who brings the final touch, in this case the luminous finish, which constitutes the DNA of this beauty trend. Simply apply it to the cheekbones, or even the tip of the nose, to make the complexion even more radiant.

For the rest, simply work on your complexion subtly using an illuminating base, apply a light foundation, a tinted serum, or a CC cream, then a pinkish liquid blush. An important detail, for a perfect result, it is essential to take care of your skin daily, and in particular to moisturize it to give it a smooth and plump appearance. An essential step to refine your skin texture, and obtain a naturally fresh and radiant complexion.

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