Tok beauty: the ‘bowl method’ for perfectly defined curls

Tok beauty: the 'bowl method' for perfectly defined curls

Who has never dreamed of having defined, bouncy curls, without frizz? A result that is easy to obtain at the hairdresser, but which struggles to last over time despite the application of all kinds of treatments. Good news, TikTok users seem to have found the ideal solution to achieve this easily and inexpensively, thanks to a product that everyone necessarily has in their kitchen.

A breakfast essential, especially for enjoying hot chocolate or cereal, the bowl could quickly become the new star of the bathroom. And for good reason, this is precisely the key to this tip supposed to enhance your curls without using a single kilowatt hour of electricity – a luxury in these times. This new kind of beauty reflex has a name, the ‘bowl method’ (‘bowl method’ in French), and it is unanimously approved on the Chinese social network with nearly 500 million views. A surprising figure which must be qualified, if only because this method has regularly generated buzz since the beginning of the 2020s – at least once a year – but which nevertheless demonstrates a certain, and growing, interest on the part socionauts.

Among the thousands of publications spotted on the Asian platform, there is a video posted by ex-reality TV star Jonathan Monroe. Followed by 2.5 million subscribers, the content creator tests the ‘bowl method’ on his curly hair, and we must admit that the result is impressive. Not only does her hair appear perfectly hydrated, but the curls are indeed bouncy and defined. A rendering which did not go unnoticed by his followers, and which was even unanimously unanimous. And if some people regret the time-consuming nature of this tip, it should be noted that it actually does not require more time than proper drying.

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But then, what is the ‘bowl method’? Before getting started, you need to have a treatment or conditioner specially formulated for curly hair and a… bowl. Nothing inaccessible, in short. Once you have gathered the products and utensils, simply wash your hair – as you usually do – then apply the treatment in question and detangle your hair. The final and most important step is to soak your hair in a bowl filled with water, then squeeze it with your hands to wring it out, starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots. The operation must be repeated several times to define the curls and give them that coveted bouncy appearance.

This is not the first time that content creators have highlighted tips and other beauty gestures intended to enhance the curls of curly or wavy hair. Just a year ago, a user praised the merits of the strainer to achieve the same results, while a little earlier social users swore only by the soda can technique. It was then a matter of introducing each strand of hair into the metal box, then using a hairdryer to create the famous waves. A tip that went viral, then tested and validated by a certain… Jonathan Monroe.