Diabetes and over 50: the bike reduces the risk of type 2 by 20%

Diabetes and over 50: the bike reduces the risk of type 2 by 20%

Diabetes: cycling not only guarantees effective cardio-circulatory activity, but at the same time helps to significantly reduce this pathology

Diabetes can be counteracted by using two wheels. Yes, the benefits and advantages of this activity are superior to any healthy lifestyle. The passion for cycling, in fact, is also an excellent therapy for cardiovascular diseases and reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes by 20%. These virtues can also manifest themselves for people who begin to carry out this activity after the age of 50. So these positive effects are completely instantaneous and effective.

With a pinch of good will it will be enough to simply be constant and dedicate some of your daily time to this medium. On the other hand, it is well known that physical activity is the key to staying fit and staying healthy. But some scientific studies want to highlight new aspects. It has been a recent research to confirm that cycling reduces the risk of developing diabetes by 20%. This simple two-wheeled vehicle is therefore a perfect remedy for health. Precisely the movement that is carried out once in the saddle allows to reduce the glycemic rate.

Even the over 50 can benefit from these effects and therefore decrease the onset of the disease. A good example to follow would be to go to work by bicycle. Pedaling not only helps tone your leg muscles, but at the same time allows you to burn fat faster. Consequently, the supply of glucose in the blood is reduced, allowing the maintenance of a stable level of blood sugar and sugars, which are harmful to the nervous system. In fact, there are numerous campaigns that try to promote cycling as much as possible.

It is advisable to replace the bike with cars and other means of transport to create a real turning point in urban mobility. The advantages that the bicycle offers can be expressed regardless of the age in which one decides to devote oneself to this two-wheeled vehicle. At the same time it does not depend on other factors that can lead to the development of diabetes such as the diet or weight. The effectiveness of the bike is given precisely by the activity that is carried out by the muscles of the legs, which help burn fat and stimulate the cells that manage the transport of glucose into the blood.

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