Diabetes, thyroid and even tuberculosis. Behind the bad smell of sweat, there may be specific diseases

Diabetes, thyroid and even tuberculosis.  Behind the bad smell of sweat, there may be specific diseases

The fresh sweat of a healthy person is odorless. Yours smells, even repels the environment? It doesn’t have to be a serious health problem – sometimes a change in diet or giving up drugs is enough. However, it happens that this is how the body signals that you need medical attention. Do not torment yourself and others – get rid of the trouble. Here are possible causes.

Diabetes, thyroid and even tuberculosis – specific diseases can be hidden behind the bad smell of sweat

The healthier you live, the better your body smells. You sweat not only to maintain the correct body temperature, but also to get rid of some of the waste products of metabolism. If you accumulate a lot of toxins, their release will be greater, and you may have a problem to mask the unpleasant smell with even the most sophisticated cosmetics.

The bad smell of sweat – stimulants

Sometimes you can feel from a distance that someone has overdone with alcohol or cigarettes. The body odor of a person with a hangover is distinctive and generally unpleasant. It is not enough to wash yourself, because it takes some time for the toxins to be fully neutralized.

The liver and kidneys are primarily responsible for cleansing the body. They are the ones who have the most work in people abusing alcohol and smoking cigarettes. The thermoregulatory system is only an aid in getting rid of toxins, but it is enough to feel it.

Smelly sweat – diet

The smell of secreted sweat also depends on the diet. Our noses are sometimes perceived as an unpleasant odor by people who:

  • they drink too little
  • eat a lot of highly processed food, especially fast food meals,
  • abuse salt
  • overdo it with spices (these give the sweat a more pungent smell),
  • in their diet there is a lot of onion, garlic, asparagus, cruciferous vegetables, as well as red meat.

Analyze your diet and you may find the reason why your body doesn’t smell inviting quite quickly.

Body odor and medications

All of the above falls off, you wash yourself regularly, choose your cosmetics carefully and still wrong? It still doesn’t have to be a disease. Some medications, such as acne medications or even supplements, can make your body smell worse.

Have you recently started using something new and have a problem? It is worth talking to your doctor about it, even if he did not prescribe the drug, but you use it on your own.

Watch out for shortages

Deficiencies in specific nutrients, such as zinc or vitamin B12, are also important for our smell. They do not have to be the result of improper nutrition, but also malabsorption.

For example, if you consume a lot of zinc, which you will find even in nuts, eggs, groats, poultry and beef meat, there should be no problems. Meanwhile, it cannot be ruled out that you have malabsorption disorders and the body does not fully use what you provide it.

Absorption disorders are manifested mainly by loose stools containing undigested food remnants and other disorders during bowel movements. If you observe them, it is worth consulting a doctor. Consultation with an endocrinologist will probably be indicated.

Too Much Vitamin D?

It is rare for someone to have too much vitamin D in our climate, and yet it happens, especially in the summer, when the body produces it and supplementation is often unnecessary. It’s dangerous to your health. The symptom of the problem may be excessive sweating and an unpleasant smell of the skin, as well as weakness and increased urination.

The bad smell of sweat and specific diseases

Kidney and liver diseases, diabetes, mycosis, and even tuberculosis – behind the unusual, unpleasant, pungent smell of sweat there can be many specific diseases, including serious ones. Of course, it’s rare that only body odor alerts you that something is wrong with you.

It makes no sense to judge that the matter is serious until you talk to your doctor. However, do not delay your visit if you generally feel worse, you are not in shape. After a medical history and a set of basic tests (even urine, blood) it will be possible to at least make a preliminary assessment of what is happening and what needs to be done. Often the matter is easy to control, and you will regain not only the comfort associated with the smell.

Excessive sweating – maybe that’s what it’s all about?

It is worth remembering that the intensity of sweating, although it is not the main cause of body odor, can certainly affect it. If you sweat a lot in a short time, you will provide a solid breeding ground for bacteria, which are usually responsible for bad smell. After all, they leave their waste products on your skin.

Excessive sweating can be a source of low self-esteem, complexes and stress. Meanwhile, stress intensifies sweating itself, and even worse: it can make sweat smell bad. If you suspect that the problem with sweating is emotional, home remedies will fail, and over-the-counter remedies will not help you control the situation and restore your self-confidence, so do not hesitate to visit a doctor. Excessive stress must be fought, and radical treatment methods will finally help to win. Besides, excessive sweating can also be a signal of specific general diseases.