Do you have the pronounced B-side? Don’t hide it, exalt it like that

lato b pronunciato esaltare

If you have a pronounced b-side, you shouldn’t hide it at all, but rather enhance it. How? We will explain it to you.

We are in the era where Kim Kardashian is considered the undisputed queen of style, Jennifer Lopez is an icon to idolize, Kylie Jenner is considered a model to follow, so much so that she is imitated by thousands of girls all over the world.

side b pronounced exalt

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What do these three super stars have in common? Aside from the heritage, the b side abundant. Yes, because the lean and slender bodies of the 90s supermodel have given way to the extremely dangerous pin-up curves.

We went back from a certain point of view, to the times of Sofia Loren, of Marilyn Monroe, who wrote the history of world cinema, but not only. Their shapes had become iconic, their beauty bewitched men of all ages, their charm has remained over the years and has never been forgotten.

So we went back yes, but still going forward and bringing with us a massive dose of contemporaneity.

Notwithstanding what ill-thinking people might say, which would come close to something like: “The Loren and the Monroe were very natural, the Kardashians much less”, and it also being understood that the ill-thinking are not completely wrong, we can affirm a loud rumor that the abundant B-side – and all shapes – is back in vogue (in a broad sense of course).

And no, we don’t want to make the mistake of falling into a stereotype, because the next step is to admit that those who have them by nature are lucky, but those who do not have them can make up for their lack in many ways. It is not the shapes that determine the overall beauty, let this be clear.

But if you don’t have obvious shapes by nature and you want them, you can still fool the eye of the beholder and make them believe you have them.

Fashion also comes to our rescue, reminding us that our way of being starts from clothing and that it can really change the way we look.

Here then those who do not have a bursting b-side can safely wear bottom-up pants, push up, or modeling that serve to raise it and make it appear bigger.

Some even have internal modelers that increase the b side by several centimeters and are specially created for this purpose.

That said, if you fall into the category of women with a pronounced b-side, you should not hide it at all, but rather you should exalt it. How? We tell you.

What to wear to enhance the pronounced B-side

How can you enhance your abundant backside? There are many ways to do it and, as always, the dress does not make the monk, but builds the shapes we want to obtain.

side b pronounced exalt

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So, the first secret, especially if you have a round and toned lower back, is to use pants without pockets. This manages to enhance the lower back and to highlight it at the right point.

But watch out for the leggings if you have a prosperous buttocks, because they run the risk of exalting it a little too much.

Staying on the subject of jeans, the best are anyway those with a high waist, perhaps flared, but low-waisted boyfriend ones are also suitable, but only if you are tall enough.

Even skinny jeans, by tightening they can visually lift your curves, including the lower back.

Alternatively, if you choose a 5 pocket jeans, you could opt for those of medium shape, which help to highlight the shapes that already exist. But also pay attention to where they are positioned: the perpendicular ones flatten, so choose a jeans that has some that can follow your curves.

What you should avoid are white pants which, on the other hand, get thicker. In your case, you want to exalt, but not bulge, so if you’re going to choose them, change course.

If, on the other hand, your b-side is thick, but not too high, you could use the aforementioned push-up jeans, which serve to take your shapes and literally lift them.

Likewise, you can also use the slip push up, which lifts the buttocks and, among other things, if you choose one with a high waist and containment it will also help you to disguise some rolls (if there is of course).

There are also push-up tights that you can wear under your favorite sheath dress and it will make your butt look perfect.

And in fact this too can become your style ally: it wraps, enhances the curves, underlines them. Especially if you have a slim physique, you will look great, especially if you wear it with seamless underwear.

Obviously even lingerie can change the way we look: that of the 50s, consisting of a high-waisted slip is basically excellent for those with wide hips and a pronounced B-side.

Even the seamless briefs can be for you, because they highlight the buttocks and make your shapes harmonious.

If, on the other hand, you have the reverse problem and want to increase the volume of your B-side, here is our guide.

In any case, we now know that with our outfit we can enhance our shapes to the right point.

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