Do you know Cozy Cardio to get back into sport gently?

Do you know Cozy Cardio to get back into sport gently?

Doing sport while remaining in a comfortable posture is what a new trend emerging on Tiktok with “Cozy Cardio” offers. What if it was the perfect technique for those who want to get back into sport?

With the end of the year comes good resolutions, and among them, resuming physical activity often ranks high. But returning to sport at an intense pace is likely to cool you down. Conversely, a gentle method to get moving again could well encourage you to practice more often. This is what cozy cardio offers, a trend visible on TikTok.

Le “cosy cardio”, kezako?

The term would have been launched by Hope Zuckerbrow, a Tiktoker who is a fan of cardio that is very different from that practiced in the gym. The idea of ​​cozy cardio is simple: it involves carrying out endurance and resistance exercises (walking, exercise cycling, or even Pilates, etc.), but in the comfort of your home. yourself and with all the gentleness possible at your disposal:

  • Comfortable clothing and warm socks;
  • A comforting drink;
  • Soft light, even candles;
  • And why not your favorite program on TV or an audio book in your ears.

Cozy, as its name suggests…

A way to reconcile with sport

The interest of this cozy cardio lies above all in this new approach to sport which could well appeal to more than one person. In this gentle way of moving, no more difficult sports, which cause pain, or journeys to the gym, which can discourage you. A sometimes toxic link with sport that the TikToker herself mentioned on CNN last September:

I realized I needed to heal my relationship with exercise. Exercise was no longer fun and I was only moving to lose weight, not to feel good or be healthy. I wanted to create joy in movement.”.

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A first step towards a real recovery?

With its cozy side, the Cozy Cardio on paper turns out to be quite attractive. It remains to be seen whether it works, and whether it is sufficient to maintain regular physical activity (its primary goal).

Certainly, the first argument that comes to mind is that 20 minutes of cozy cardio will always be more effective than no activity. And this gentle recovery can in fact initially stretch you to return to sport without trauma. But let’s also remain realistic: this may not be enough to lose weight, or to stay in excellent shape.

In Europe, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health encourage us to make a little more effort. It is therefore recommended to practice 30 minutes of physical activity developing cardiorespiratory fitness of moderate to high intensity, at least 5 days a week. It is also advisable to reduce the total daily time spent in a sitting position and to interrupt prolonged periods spent in a sitting or lying position, at least every 90 to 120 minutes, with physical activity such as walking for a few minutes.

So practice Cozy Cardio, yes, but it should not put you to sleep.