Don't ask your children to be perfect, but teach them to make mistakes

Don't ask your children to be perfect, but teach them to make mistakes

Do, make mistakes and redo: teach your children to make mistakes, only in this way will they become extraordinary men

No child has ever learned to walk without tripping, falling and getting hurt, because it will also be trivial, but that phrase that says that "only by making mistakes can you learn" is more real than ever. And we know it well, who have learned the greatest and most important life lessons precisely from the experience of those falls and failures.

That's why even children have to make mistakes and a parent's job is to let them make their mistakes. Perfection, moreover, is of no use to anyone, nor to them who, growing up in a glossy and certainly beautiful bubble, will have great difficulties when they will find themselves clashing with the real problems of life. And they could get really hurt.

Blaming our children or demanding that they no longer make certain mistakes is the most wrong thing a parent can do during education. It is up to mum and dad to let the little one free to make mistakes, because it is only in this way that children can recognize the infinite possibilities of growth that are found in failure.

Let's go back to that moment when children, with tenacity and courage, continue to get up with each fall because they want to start walking independently at all costs. What would happen if a mom scolded him for falling? A mortification that would push the child to stop trying out of fear or fear of making mistakes, in fact, again.

And this is a truth that applies to all stages of child rearing. And it is normal that we would never want to see them suffer or cry, but it is only by letting them make certain mistakes that we will strengthen them.

Because one day our children will spread their big and strong wings to fly away from us and we can no longer protect them. And at that point, how will they react to a closed door or a refusal? How will they feel about failures and disappointments?

Doing, making mistakes and redoing: this is the perfect formula for the independence and autonomy of our children, this is the great teaching that we must pass on to them so that they can transform themselves into extraordinary men. Maria Montessori herself has repeatedly stressed the importance of the error:

We will see how the child works on his own perfection. The right path is indicated not only by the objects he uses, but also by the possibility of recognizing his own mistakes by means of these objects.

Perfectionism, therefore, is not the key to happiness for children, just as it is not for us adults. Let your children free to misspell their name, to tie their shoes and to make many other mistakes.

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