Is sparkling water healthier than plain water?

Is sparkling water healthier than plain water?

The consumption of sparkling water has been steadily increasing in recent years. For many, it would be an alternative to sodas, which are too sweet and high in calories. According to several studies, sparkling waters even have many health benefits thanks to their high mineral content.

Sparkling water is nothing but water that contains dissolved carbonic acid. This is what gives bubbles to the water. Sparkling waters are often richer in minerals than still waters. This high mineral content (which mainly depends on the brand) would be beneficial for health.

Benefits on the cardiovascular system

It would help regulate blood pressure. Indeed, the significant intake of magnesium or calcium would stimulate the mechanisms of vasoconstriction and help regulate the heart rate.

Studies have also found that drinking one liter of sparkling water a day reduces cardiometabolic risk markers, namely cholesterol and blood sugar.

Digestive benefits

Other studies suggest that sparkling water improves swallowing and relieves certain stomach and intestinal complaints such as nausea, indigestion and constipation. The consumption of sparkling water would also reduce the feeling of hunger, thus limiting weight gain. These benefits have, however, been refuted by other studies which have shown that sparkling water has the effect of increasing the production of ghrelin, the appetite hormone and that it can promote bloating and gastric discomfort, precisely. because of the carbon dioxide it contains. “It is not recommended for people already suffering from gastric problems to drink sparkling water because it could amplify their problems”, warns Dr Gérald Kierzek, emergency doctor and medical director of TipsForWomens.

More acidic water

Also note that sparkling water is more acidic than still water. Its pH is between 3 and 4. This acidity can be harmful to the teeth. Hence the importance of not keeping the sparkling water in your mouth for too long.

As you will have understood, sparkling water can have positive effects but also negative effects on health. “Consuming sparkling water is absolutely not dangerous for your health. Its possible negative effects are minimal. As for its benefits, they are linked not to the bubbles but to its chemical composition. When choosing your water, the most important thing is not so much whether it is carbonated or not, but rather its mineral content. This is why it is recommended to vary the waters we consume in order to optimize our intake of good nutrients”concluded Dr. Kierzek.

Ultimately, the choice between still water or sparkling water would only be a matter of taste.

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