Don’t know how to deal with bags under your eyes? It is better to check their cause, because they may be a symptom of the disease

Don't know how to deal with bags under your eyes?  It is better to check their cause, because they may be a symptom of the disease

The so-called bags under the eyes are not only an aesthetic problem. Although they can visually add years, they are often the result of diseases and ailments that plague the body. It is worth finding the cause of bags under the eyes to improve your health – and at the same time your appearance.

Don't know how to deal with bags under your eyes?  It is better to check their cause, because they may be a symptom of the disease

Bags under the eyes – the result of stress

Although for many people the so-called bags under the eyes are a problem primarily related to appearance, in fact, it may be a symptom of some ailments or an inappropriate lifestyle.

Few people realize that stress shows on the face. Chronic stress can also result in bags under the eyes, including: as a result of sleep deficiency, which may accompany stressful situations, as well as as a result of water retention in the body.

Although we cannot eliminate all stressful situations from our lives, we can take care of how we respond to them. Daily relaxation after a hard day, a moment for yourself with your favorite coffee or tea, talking to a loved one, going to the spa, meditation – there are many methods, so choose the one that works best for you.

Smoking cigarettes can cause bags under the eyes

Smoking tobacco has a long list of damage it can cause to the body. Although in the face of the increased risk of a number of cancers, problems such as poor skin and bags under the eyes may seem like a trivial ailment, it is worth bearing in mind that this is another excellent argument for quitting smoking. People who regularly use tobacco products age faster.

Too little sleep causes bags under the eyes

It is not uncommon for bags under the eyes to be the result of lack of sleep. Also, excess sleep can cause “pillows” to form under the eyes due to the accumulation of fluid under the eyes.

An optimal amount of sleep is not only a recipe for reducing the risk of bags under the eyes. It is also a way to maintain proper psychophysical condition.

Hypothyroidism shows on the face

In patients with hypothyroidism, a common symptom is swelling due to water retention. As a result, swelling may appear on the face, including bags under the eyes.

At the same time, patients with a diseased thyroid gland often have thinned epidermis, which may make their eyes appear dark circles.

Do you have atopic dermatitis? You may have bags under your eyes

The causes of bags under the eyes also include atopic dermatitis. This is due to the fact that the skin of such patients is more delicate and thinner than that of other people.

The skin under the eyes, which is even more delicate, may contribute to the formation of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Bags under the eyes can be inherited

We cannot influence everything in life, and one of such factors are genes. It happens that bags under the eyes are a characteristic feature of the appearance of our ancestors and relatives.

Then we may have a problem to reduce the bags under the eyes and usually there is nothing else to do but to put up with them. You can also use cosmetics or treatments that will slightly alleviate the condition.

Dermatomyositis and changes around the eyes

Patients with dermatomyositis also complain about bags under the eyes. This disease causes pain, easy fatigability and skin changes consisting of characteristic heliotropic erythema around the eyelids.

The mentioned erythema is sometimes mistaken for bags under the eyes, especially since if it disappears after treatment, it may leave darker bruises.