Don’t throw away bread at the end of your Christmas meal: save money by following these tips!

Don't throw away bread at the end of your Christmas meal: save money by following these tips!

It’s the most wasted product after a Christmas meal, says TooGoodToGo, the app that recycles surplus food to avoid waste. Strategy favored by the French this year to manage their budget in these times of inflation, reducing food waste is also a good idea to save money during the end-of-year holidays. Here are three ways to recycle loaves, sandwich bread and other grilled toast, other than into French toast.

From ice cream to bread with the networks’ anti-waste chef

On social networks, he is referred to as the anti-waste leader. Followed by more than 578 million followers on Instagram, Nabil Zemmouri, better known as Chef N-Zem, won over his audience with so-called “lazy” recipes to prove how leftovers could be transformed into gourmet dishes. In his rich repertoire, the former student of three-star chef Gilles Goujon presented a tip as simple as it is delicious which will add depth to your desserts in just two strokes of the spoon. Simply recycle leftover dry bread into… ice cream! In fact, we use this raw material to give flavor to an ice cream that does not need any turbine to be made. It is prepared with toasted bread. Milk, an egg and powdered sugar are enough to form a base in which to infuse the bread. We filter and it’s finished! All you have to do is place the slightly caramelized tasting liquid in the freezer.

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Pizza dough according to star chef Jean-François Piège

With his latest work published by Hachette Pratique last September, the starred chef of the Grand Restaurant surprised everyone by delivering recipes that recycle food leftovers that have never been seen before. If we have talked a lot about yesterday’s croissants transformed into waffles, Jean-François Piège also offers a way of preparing pizza dough that is surprising to say the least. He uses the leftovers of dry bread which he adds to the flour before forming the ball which can be used as the base of a margherita. And proof that pieces of loaf that have not been eaten are a wonderful basis for many culinary preparations, Jean-François Piège also makes gnocchi with stale bread.

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Cookies with stale bread according to three-star chef Mauro Colagreco

Agreeing to initiate a collaboration with Casino stores in early 2022, the chef of one of the best restaurants in the world – in the opinion of the 50 Best Awards, Mirazur, has concocted a recipe that is easy to reproduce for the occasion. at home and serve for dessert or relish. Mauro Colagreco replaces the flour with stale bread which he toasts in the oven before mixing it to obtain a powder. You can thus shape balls based on ingredients that you like, like in the chef’s recipe which is embellished with pear and chocolate.

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