Latte, strawberry, passport: which beauty trend stood out on TikTok in 2023?

Latte, strawberry, passport: which beauty trend stood out on TikTok in 2023?

Barbie has been propelled to the status of TikTok fashion star in 2023, but what about trends in the beauty industry? Between ‘latte makeup’, ‘strawberry makeup’, ‘passport makeup’, and beauty treatments inspired by the characters from the series “Euphoria”, users’ hearts have long wavered… But, at the end of the year, It’s high time to take stock of the trends that have (really) established themselves in their bathroom.

A true trend incubator, TikTok has transformed in just a few years into a flagship destination for users looking for inspiration in fashion and beauty. Not content with making rain or shine in these sectors, the Asian platform is also a reliable barometer for assessing the virality – or not – of a trend. As a result, as the end of the year quickly approaches, we asked the Chinese social network to highlight the key makeup trends revealed on its platform during 2023, based on the number of views by hashtag. And the result is most surprising since the makeup from the series “Euphoria” is among the most popular even though the last season was broadcast on HBO at the beginning of the year… 2022.

On the Asian platform, the hashtag #Euphoriamakeup has generated no less than 2.6 billion views, with a host of tutorials and inspirations to boot. Note, however, that these figures are not exclusively linked to the year 2023, but that they nevertheless demonstrate a certain enthusiasm for the beauty updates of the hit HBO series. On the other hand, ‘strawberry makeup’, one of the key trends of the summer, seems to have made an impression in 2023 with some 530 million views. And it is the model Hailey Bieber who is at the origin of this look, tested and approved by a crowd of social users.

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We are also observing the success of ‘latte makeup’, another must-have for 2023, which is slowly but surely approaching 500 million views (495 million to be exact to date). Beauty enhancement essentially results in warm, almost caramelized tones, with an effortless, tanned effect. In other words, three of the year’s hottest makeup features. As such, the trend has given rise to numerous variations such as espresso makeup and pumpkin spice latte makeup, the fall variation. Both have already surpassed 60 million and 70 million views, respectively.

Among the other great inspirations that marked the year 2023, ‘passport makeup’, which translates into beauty enhancements designed for passport photos, stands out with more than 400 million views. Just like the ‘glazed donut nails’ which have generated more than 380 million views, and which we owe – again – to Hailey Bieber, whose influence in beauty is well established.