Dry, swollen and chapped lips in the summer? Let’s avoid dehydration!

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Finding yourself with dry and chapped lips even in summer is really unpleasant: this is why it happens and what are the remedies.

The skin of the lips is extremely sensitive to changes in temperature. It is in fact a very thin skin and a lot of blood thanks to the large number of capillaries that reach this area.

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This means, however, that both in winter and in summer, lips are easily subject to cracking and dryness.

In winter the capillaries shrink due to the cold and, for this reason, they are able to bring a smaller amount of blood and nutrients up to the lips. Due to this phenomenon lip cells age and die earlier, hence the lips can often appear dehydrated, split and dry.

Having made these considerations, it would be quite logical to think that the problem does not arise in the summer, but this is not the case. Even if for different reasons, even in summer, the skin of the lips can crack, giving rise to very unpleasant marks that ruin the make-up.

All the most effective remedies for the dehydration that causes dry lips in the summer

The reason lips tend to dry out very quickly in the summer is that through the capillaries a great deal of water vapor is dispersed at the lips.

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This phenomenon occurs all over the skin and gives rise to sweat. Of course we do not sweat on the lips, but the dispersion of water occurs exactly as on the rest of the body, if not in an even more pronounced way.

Furthermore when our body is dehydrated, the lips swell and begin to itch. We must also consider that women sometimes get dehydrated without realizing it, since we don’t often feel the need to drink, even if our body would need it.

It follows that if in the summer we realize that our lips are swollen and split in all likelihood our body is dehydrating.

This obviously involves gods biological problems but also aesthetic problems: here’s how to remedy both.

For to moisturize the skin you need to hydrate the body. This means that in summer we have to replenish all the liquids we lose with sweat.

To do this, you need to:

  • drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and if we have sweated a lot even more
  • to eat fruit and vegetables at every meal
  • avoid salty foods such as ham, sausages, industrial snacks.

TO cosmetic level it will be necessary to intervene on the lips with a series of targeted measures.

  • realize one gentle scrub once a week, no more, in order to remove dead cells and promote the absorption of moisturizing principles
  • use thehyaluronic acid before applying the moisturizer on the lips. Hyaluronic acid contains molecules capable of increasing the skin’s ability to absorb and contain water several times, so the lips will absorb the moisturizing substances contained in the cream much better
  • use a eye contour cream on the lips: it is a particularly moisturizing cream, formulated to be absorbed by a very thin and delicate skin type, so it is perfect on the lips
  • after using this moisturizer in the evening, let the cream dry, then apply a light layer of cocoa butter or vegetable oil (almond oil, coconut oil but also olive oil). The oil will create an additional barrier that can help keep the moisturizing agents inside the skin.
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