Dry touch face oils: you can use them even in summer

Forget greasy and heavy oils, difficult to spread, loved only by the driest skin. Today the face oil is dry touch. Light, discreet under makeup, suitable for all. Softens, smoothes, illuminates with a sunkissed effect. You can also use it in summer. “The dry oils are not greasythey are absorbed immediately without leaving traces and work on all types of skin, because they give nourishment and hydration without weighing down “, explains Corinna Rigonidermatologist and president of the Association of women dermatologists Italy.

Make-up artists know dry touch face oils well: they use them to refresh the complexion, give a touch of light to cheekbones and lips, polish eyebrows. The secret? «Unlike the cream, which is a biphasic system, consisting of water and oil, the oil contains only lipophilic substances, that is, which bind to the lipids of the skin. It is like spreading an invisible film on the skin that restores lost hydration (think of heat and sweat), it nourishes it deeply, repairs damage from the sun and dry air from air conditioners. In addition, it acts as an anti-aging treatment thanks to the properties of the active ingredients ».

How to apply dry touch oils

Tap a few drops of oil starting from the neck and up towards the temples, following the shape of the face. Repeat from the base of the nose to the sides of the face following the curve of the cheeks. Finish with the forehead, swiping slowly from bottom to top. You can also mix it with night creams, after-sun masks or smoothing scrubs to enhance its effectiveness. On dry and chapped lips, apply a pure oil instead before going to sleep: it gives you a mouth as soft as a pillow.