Dynamo cycling: indoor cycling that rocks!

Dynamo cycling: indoor cycling that rocks!

Directly imported from the US, and freshly arrived in Europe, the Dynamo cycling is shaking up the codes of indoor cycling. A dark room, an exclusive playlist for each class, light shows, a coach and 45 minutes of frantic riding make up the recipe for this cycling class like no other. Gabrielle Hebrard, senior coach at Monday Sports Club, talks to us about the Dynamo-cycling experience.

What is Dynamo cycling?

A dynamo course is much more than just a cycling course, it’s an experience” summarizes Gabrielle Hebrard, coach at Dynamo Cycling of the Monday Sports Club group. The two founders of the concept, Jonathan Garret and Nicolas Chabrier even define it as a real sporting and emotional journey. Largely inspired by SoulCycle, which has been a hit in the United States since 2006 , Dynamo comes to dust off the classic cycling classes a little planplan and offers a unique indoor cycling class, combining frantic pace and immersive atmosphere.

Dynamo: How an indoor cycling class takes place

The class takes place in the dark, which helps you completely let go since you are freed from the gaze of others and focused on your sensations.” describes the coach. Dynamo coaches, hand-picked and trained intensively for months, are much more than just teachers. “They are inspirations who guide and take each student into their world for 45 minutes. Each class is unique, the coach renews himself each time, whether in terms of his playlist or his speech, which gives the impression of living a precious and unique moment” says Gabrielle.

Each room brings together around thirty bikes, which face the coach and a large mirror to encourage collective emulation. In terms of training, the bulk of the session consists of pedaling of course, but in different ways for complete and varied work: “seated, like a dancer, with more or less resistance – to pull and push the pedals – and thus activate all the chains of the leg muscles” explains our expert. Then, for the duration of a song, a focus on the arms with light dumbbells (500g to 3 kg), allows you to pace the class and work the upper body. “Although the coaches are all very different, in the way they construct their session, its rhythm and its intensity, a Dynamo class is always very intense and increases the BPM (beats per minute) a lot for a real endorphin rush. There is a real surpassing of oneself which also makes the success of the concept” adds Gabrielle.

Lafayette, Oberkampf, Opéra, Boétie… theaters in Paris and Europe

Dynamo is also renowned for its unique design with warm studios which offer a privileged and well-kept setting: individual showers, soft towels, hair dryers and beauty products available. In Paris, Dynamo Cycling is available in six studios: Lafayette (75009), Oberkampf (75011), Opéra (75002), Villiers (75017), Sèvres (75006) and Boétie (75008).

In addition to these 5 intramural studios, there are two rooms in the inner suburbs of Puteaux (La Défense district) and Boulogne-Billancourt, and a final one in Bordeaux.

The health benefits of dynamo

In addition to being a unique experience, dynamo cycling offers many benefits, both for the body and the mind.

  • Muscle strengthening: As is the case with indoor cycling more generally, the dynamo uses the entire body, particularly the legs of course, but also the arms, abs and back. By pedaling at different paces and varying the resistance, all of the body’s muscles work;
  • Improvement of the cardiovascular system: 45 minutes of riding at a sustained pace, stimulates both the heart and blood circulation, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases;
  • Mental well-being: A true sporting and spiritual journey, dynamo-cycling allows you to escape for the duration of a session for a total disconnection boosted by serotonin;
  • Socialisation : Finally, dynamo-cycling enthusiasts form a large community, which enjoys getting together to sweat and motivate themselves as a group.

How many calories burned in one session?

At Dynamo, we don’t talk about weight or calories: in fact, connected watches and mobile phones that can count calories remain at the entrance to the room! “The idea is to detach yourself as much as possible from the aspect of body and weight. We try to bring people to other areas and other sources of motivation: to feel good, to feel strong, to relax and to have self-confidence.” summarizes Gabrielle.

For those who really want to know what a session costs in terms of calorie expenditure, it obviously depends on several factors, including the intensity of the effort, the weight of the individual and their level of physical fitness. On average, Dynamo cycling would be very calorie-intensive, since one session would burn between 600 and 1000 calories!

Good in his body, good in his head!

How often do I practice?

There is no ideal frequency for these classes, which are both intense and timeless: the main thing is to find pleasure in them and to be regular. “It varies greatly depending on each person, their availability, their physical condition, their objectives and of course their own desires and needs.” underlines the coach. As always, it is important to listen to your body and adjust the frequency according to your feelings.