Elena Santarelli finds happiness in New York after her son's illness

Elena Santarelli finds happiness in New York after her son's illness

After the recovery of her son Giacomo, the showgirl flies to the Big Apple to enjoy the reconquest of family serenity

After the announcement of the recovery of her son Giacomo, Elena Santarelli flies to New York to enjoy the newfound family serenity.

Some time ago, it was the same child who asked to be able to take a trip in the company of mom and dad. And here he is satisfied. After months spent in hospital, Elena Santarelli and Bernardo Corradi arrived in New York to enjoy, together with their son, the tranquility that everyone deserved. Waiting for them at home, however, the little Greta, the second daughter had by the couple in 2016.

And as in all stories with a happy ending, after having definitively defeated Giacomo's tumor, Santarelli seems to have returned serene and happy. This is demonstrated by the numerous Stories and shots shared on Instagram by the showgirl: a Japanese dinner, a day of shopping, a moment of tenderness with her son Jack and a visit to the park with "my two men" (so Elena loves to tenderly address her son and her husband). Simple but intense moments that the family has returned to live after months of fear and worry.

For Elena, Bernardo and Jack, this trip to the Big Apple has the same effect as going out of a tunnel, long and dark. On the other hand, just a few weeks ago, the showgirl announced to the public the definitive recovery of her son, writing a long message of thanks to the doctors, friends and relatives who were close to her. And today, finally, Santarelli can enjoy what she has fought so hard for: Giacomo's serenity, Bernardo's affectionate presence and the desire to start smiling all together.

This is truly "calm after the storm", joy after despair, happiness after fear. A new opportunity for Elena Santarelli and her men, who can now return to live the peaceful everyday life, between school, work and much more, letting hospital wards become a distant memory. This splendid trip to New York is, for all intents and purposes, the rebirth of Giacomo, who enjoys the holiday surrounded by the love of two parents who really did everything he could for him. And they did it perfectly.

Elena Santarelli traveling to New York with son and husband – Source: Instagram

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